Inventing Anna Parents Guide — How is the series unsuitable for children?

Inventing Anna

This 9-parts Netflix limited series starring Julia Garner as Anna Delvey is based on Jessica Pressler’s 2018 New York magazine story about a Russian decent 26 years old girl Anna Vadimovna Sorokina. Anna Chlumsky plays Vivian Kent an adaptation of the journalist.

Parental Rating

This movie has been rated TV-MA for substance usage, strong language, nudity and general theme of fraud and misrepresentation. Audience under 17 are not advised to watch this mini-series.

How is the series unsuitable for children?

Scam, Larceny, Deception and Fraud:

The plot is based around a girl who becomes a socialite-con-artist during her time in New York. The entire series showcases the many ways in which Anna deceived, scammed and lied her way through. She was dishonest to her friends, partners and investors and somehow, she kept getting her way.

Nudity and Sexual content:

There are detailed scenes where Anna and her boyfriend Chase make out and have sex. There are various intimate scenes on yachts and hotel rooms throughout the series. Several scenes include conversations of sex and intimacy.

Substance Abuse:

A constant use of alcohol and drugs has been portrayed in the movie including parties at hotels on elaborate vacations. A very dark scene shows Anna overdosing herself with Xanax and alcohol in a hotel room, after which she passed out and wakes up in a hospital. She admits to voluntarily trying to cause harm to herself to make a point. Similar scenes of using alcohol and sniffing cocaine are depicted in various episodes of the series.

Strong Language:

Very strong and often discriminatory language is used throughout the series. In the first episode, when Vivian met with Anna, she called Vivian ‘fat’ and then ‘poor’. Similarly, on various occasions in the series, many curse words are flung around. Ass and shit were used countless times throughout the movie. Anna’s character used words like ‘ignorant’ and ‘dumb’ many a times for various characters in the series.

Julia Garner’s lilting accent hitches the entire show onwards making us itch toward a second season coming out soon. But children, under 17, would be best left out of this experience due to the mature themes in the show.