Is Abby Hornacek married? The news anchor’s marital status

Anthony Neyer

Abby Hornacek is famous for hosting FOX Nation’s Ride to WorkAmerican Arenas, and PARK’D. She also hosts the FOX News Radio podcast Getting Schooled. Before gaining popularity as a journalist, Abby was known for being one of Jeff Hornacek’s children. Jeff is a former NBA player and a coaching consultant for the Utah Jazz. 

Abby Hornacek is not married; she previously dated Anthony Neyer

Abby Hornacek is not married or dating. The secretive news anchor’s focus seems to be career growth. 

Abby previously dated college football player Anthony Neyer. The pair met at USC and started dating in August 2015. “First we conquered one year together, then we conquered the skies,” Anthony captioned an August 2016 Instagram photo featuring Abby. “Thank you for an incredible year of memories and adventures. Love you, Abbs.”

Abby last appeared on Anthony’s Instagram page in October 2017. We suspect the couple broke up shortly after that post went live.