Is Aloy gay? All about her sexuality


For a while, fans of Horizon Forbidden West have suspected that Aloy is queer. When she first appeared in Horizon Zero Dawn, Aloy had little time to focus on romantic feelings. She was on a quest to discover her mother’s identity, evade her dangerous enemies, and stop an AI-worshiping cult. Despite still having a lot on her plate, Aloy has finally revealed her romantic side. 

Aloy confirmed that she is gay by kissing her female companion Seyka

In the Burning Shores expansion, Aloy befriends Seyka. The pair’s bond grows during their adventures, culminating in a romantic proposal by Seyka. “I want to be with you and I was hoping that you felt the same way,” Seyka says

The first dialog option ‘Yes, I do,” sets up a kiss between Seyka and Aloy. The kiss confirms that Aloy is gay. The other dialog options don’t culminate in a kiss, but they in no way imply that Aloy isn’t queer. Ultimately, Seyka and Aloy part ways. 

The ending may have disappointed some fans, but the door is open for the game to explore Aloy’s love life. Now that we know she’s gay, she can freely pursue relationships with Seyka or other characters. 

The game’s developers placed hints about Aloy’s sexuality throughout the game. She consistently rebuffed male characters who showed interest in her. Further, Elisabet Sobeck, Aloy’s genetic clone, is a queer woman. Aloy and Elisabet are remarkably similar, so it makes sense that Aloy is also queer. 

@yeahbumbleby tweeted: “Gayloy situation is so funny because people are crawling out of caves saying ‘it came out of nowhere’. Meanwhile, Aloy has never once shown interest in a single man throughout the two entire games.”

@Valkyriedown tweeted: “Aloy being gay is the least surprising thing about her character.”