Is Chayce Beckham married? The singer’s complicated love life

Chayce Beckham

Chayce Beckham is an American Idol success story: he won season 19 of the competition and has established a successful music career. Beckham’s song, 23, which he sang on American Idol, was recently certified Gold by the RIAA. The singer performed on season 21 of the show before the Top 8 finalists were announced. 

Chayce Beckham is not married; he doesn’t seem to be in a relationship

Chayce Beckham is not married. Beckham’s relationship status is a bit confusing. His Facebook page states that he is in a relationship. However, there’s no other evidence of Beckham dating: his social media pages are dedicated to his music and family, and he hasn’t discussed a relationship or a partner in interviews. 

The singer doesn’t seem to be dating. However, he was dating before a DUI crash that nearly ruined his life. Beckham told The Sun:

“A lot of stuff had been going great for me, but that all kind of got taken away from me… And then losing my house and my girlfriend and my dog, getting in trouble with the law and having to have your mama come pick you up from jail.”

Beckham’s focus right now is his music. He showed off his Gold certification plaque on Instagram, thanking those who helped him achieve the feat. Beckham wrote:

“My entire family, especially mama, my manager Kerri, my label over at BBR, the folks at 19, Elissa, Katie, I love you and thanks for always believing in me and the songs that I love. Speechless is and understatement! Thanks for riding with this California Kid! Love ya all.”