Is Gloom okay? The YouTuber’s break for health reasons explained


Kassima “Kassie” Isabelle, popularly known as Gloom, began her YouTube career all the way back in 2011. Her content has been through numerous revamps – what started as a lifestyle content is now all about “variety gaming, challenges, cooking, sketch, trying things and commentary”.

As of late, Gloom is taking a break from YouTube after a stressful health situation came to light. While she initially assured fans that she might be away for only a month or so, it has now been more than five months since her last video. Her last public post on social media was dated January 14, 2022, when she posted a few selfies on Instagram.

Gloom had a health scare in late 2021 after noticing an unusual bump on her chest

On January 9, 2022, Gloom made her final appearance (until further notice) on her YouTube Channel in a video aptly titled ‘Signing Off’.

The contents of the video revealed a health scare she experienced around last Christmas. Gloom recalled that it all started when she noticed an itchy lump on the right side of her chest on a lazy Christmas Eve night.

Owing to her family history of cancer, Gloom was worried about it being diagnosed as breast cancer. She explained that her maternal aunt, who was also named Kassima, had passed away from similar cancer at a young age.

Gloom got her condition checked out in an emergency room and booked a follow-up appointment at the hospital. After undergoing an ultrasound and a mammogram checkup, it was found that she had a cyst in her breast.

Though Gloom was relieved about it not being breast cancer, she was left unconvinced when the hospital did not provide additional details on the nature of the cyst and whether it could potentially lead to cancer. Thus, she planned on having it assessed by her family doctor, saying:

“I am not usually this dramatic or reactive but based on my family history, I just wanted some questions to be answered. So I’m going to have to go see a family doctor and he is going to assess my results and if push comes to shove, I am going to take a biopsy. It’s a lot of stuff that I have been really, really deeply worried about.”

Gloom is taking a break after feeling “extremely burned out” and plans on prioritizing her personal life

Apart from the breast cancer scare, Gloom divulged that she had been thinking about taking a break from YouTube for some time. She felt “extremely burned out” from working too hard in the previous year despite having a successful run.

“I am also really tired and uninspired…lately I don’t have anybody who is inspiring me. I feel like myself and a lot of other people have just kind of been doing same thing over and over and over again,” added Gloom in the video.

After the health scare, she had, in her words, an epiphany that she needed to take better care of herself and prioritize her health. Gloom announced that she was taking an indefinite break from content creation and thanked her viewers for being supportive and loyal. She said:

“The whole scare that I had made me realize that I need to take a break, I need to work on my personal life…I need to get happy with how I treat myself and my relationship towards YouTube.”