Is JD Harmeyer still married? The comedian’s rumored divorce discussed

JD Harmeyer

JD Harmeyer is one of the stars of The Stern Show. The hosts of the show occasionally delve into each other’s personal lives. However, fans have noted that for the entirety of 2023, JD Harmeyer’s personal life seems to be a taboo topic. Rumors claim that Harmeyer is hiding the breakdown of his marriage. 

It’s unclear when or why JD Harmeyer and Jen Tanko Harmeyer divorced

JD Harmeyer
JD Harmeyer/Instagram

Harmeyer hasn’t confirmed his divorce from Jen Tanko Harmeyer. However, the signs suggest that he is no longer married. Harmeyer no longer wears a wedding ring, and his co-hosts have made statements insinuating that Harmeyer is single. 

In early 2023, co-host Robin Quivers commented that Harmeyer’s change of haircut would allow him to meet the love of his life. Harmeyer also celebrated his birthday in a strip club, further indicating that he is no longer married. 

Harmeyer and Jen Tanko married in September 2018 following several years of dating. Close family and friends attended the ceremony on the outskirts of Las Vegas. Harmeyer told that he broke down after his mom and dad started crying. “I held it together and then we walked back up and I saw my dad crying and I just broke down,” Harmeyer said. 

He and Jen Tanko had a somewhat secretive relationship. According to Jen Tanko’s profile on, she is a teacher in the South Bronx:

“I teach fifth grade math in the South Bronx and often share my experiences with my students, using CrossFit and my marathon running as direct examples of how hard work can change your life. It’s easier to encourage my students to be persistent and persevere in academics when I’m pushing myself in my personal life.”