Is Jessie Graff married? All about her secret spouse

Jessie Graff

Jessica Graff is a stunt woman known for her exploits on American Ninja Warrior. Graff has recorded a series of firsts in the competition, including becoming the first woman to complete Stage 1 of the Las Vegas Finals course. When not participating in or training for obstacle competitions, Graff works as a stunt double on film projects. 

Jessie Graff is married; the identity of Jessie Graff’s husband is unclear

We learned about Jessie Graff‘s secret marriage when Drew Dreschel, a fellow American Ninja Warrior competitor, denied he was dating Graff. Dreschel said he had a girlfriend, adding that Graff was married to someone else. 

Graff confirmed her marriage during an April 2020 Instagram Live session. However, she didn’t reveal the identity of her spouse or the length of her marriage. Graff has yet to post her partner on social media. Some fans speculate Graff is a lesbian, despite having no evidence to support that claim. 

As far as we can tell, Jessie Graff has no children.