Is Kaitlan Collins married? The news anchor’s inactive love life

Kaitlan Collins

It takes plenty of bravery to interview Donald Trump, especially if you intend to challenge him on his legal issues. Kaitlan Collins failed in getting Trump to concede that he lost the 2020 election or that he illegally withheld classified documents, but she admirably held her own against the steamroller that is America’s former president. 

Kaitlan Collins is neither married nor dating

Kaitlan Collins is not married. Furthermore, she isn’t in a relationship. 

Collins’ last public relationship was with pharmacist and politician Will Douglas. The couple started dating in 2015, as Collins worked for the conservative news outlet The Daily Caller

In September 2015, Douglas posted a photo of himself and Collins attending a Garth Brooks concert. “When you and bae go to a @garthbrooks concert and stand on a manhole cover and also don’t make it on the kiss cam,” Douglas captioned the post

Douglas and Collins split up two years later. Collins wiped all traces of the relationship from her social media pages and cut online ties to Douglas. Collins’ purge signaled the end of her relationship with Douglas. 

Since then, Collins has stayed single or dated in secret.