Is Ricky Starks gay? The wrestler’s sexuality revealed

Ricky Starks

Ricky Stark took another step towards the big time by defeating CM Punk to win the Owen Hart Cup. Stark cheated – he grabbed the ropes to keep his opponent pinned for the three count. The wrestler then rudely garbled the trophy from Jushin Thunder Liger, pointing to the potential start of a heel turn. 

Ricky Stark’s sexuality is unclear; fans suspect he is queer

Ricky Stark’s sexuality is a mystery. However, fans believe the AEW wrestler is queer.

In early 2020, Ricky was entered into an EFFY’s Big Day Brunch match. “The show regularly features cornerstones of the LGBTQ pro wrestling movement alongside rising out LGBTQ stars, and provides a platform for those who have newly come out to embrace the LGBTQ plus community on a familiar stage,” Outsports states. 

Stark’s inclusion in the event convinced some fans that he is queer. However, Ricky hasn’t addressed his sexuality or revealed much about his love life. Therefore, we can’t give a definitive answer about his sexuality. 

Stark is single and hasn’t dated anyone publicly since he became a celebrity. He was linked with fellow wrestler Bayley. The pair met through a mutual friend, and they are very close. Bayley moved in with Stark in 2017, but he wasn’t the main reason for the move: she was dating Stark’s roommate, Aaron Solo. Stark and Bayley are close, but they’ve never dated.