Is Tara Reid sick? The actor’s skinny figure explained

Tara Reid

Tara Reid no longer gets top Hollywood roles. Nevertheless, she is proud of her long and successful career. “If you work hard, you can play hard,” Tara told Interview Magazine. Tara most recently appeared on season 2 of Special Forces: World Toughest Test. She described the show as one of her craziest experiences. 

Tara Reid is not sick; she has refuted claims that she is anorexic

Tara Reid is healthy; her appearance on World Toughest Test proves it. The actor told People she found it more challenging than other contestants as she had no training. Tara stated that the experience pushed her physically and mentally. She said:

“So doing something like this was a great challenge for me and it was an experience I’ll never forget and I would never take it back. Even though you watch it, you’ll think I’m insane. So it’s not just a physical thing, it’s a mental thing in a lot of ways [but] I’m really happy I did it.”

Tara has repeatedly rebuffed allegations that she is anorexic. Following accusations in 2018 that she was suffering from an eating disorder, Tara told DailyMailTV that she had healthy eating habits:

“People have been calling me painfully thin for years. I can take one of the Halloween costumes I wore last year and put it on this year. It’s the same weight. I don’t fluctuate – it’s just who I am. I do eat. I eat all the time. But this is just my natural weight and people need to leave me alone.”

Later that year, Tara spoke to E! News about her role in Worthless, a film about the damage bullying does, and her personal connection to the project. “People always say I don’t eat,” Tara told the publication. “I eat all the time. They call me scary skinny. You’re my friend; everyone knows I eat more than anyone. I’m just a thin girl.”

Tara defended her body again after some netizens took issue with her slim figure. An October 2021 post on Instagram attracted many negative comments about her body. Tara blamed her high metabolism for her skinny figure. She wrote:

“Anyone with a high metabolism understands it’s impossible to gain weight. All I do is eat. To everyone who wrote something nice and stuck up for me, I love you! And keep spreading that love, it is the only thing that will save this world.”

The one time Tara admitted that something was wrong with her body was following a botched implant and liposuction procedure. The actor said she got liposuction because she wanted a sculpted body. “I got lipo because even though I was skinny, I wanted – I’m not going to lie – a six-pack. I had body contouring, but it all went wrong. My stomach became the most ripply, bulgy thing,” Tara told Us Weekly