Who is Tim Scott’s wife? The senator’s plan for a family

Tim Scott

Tim Scott, South Carolina’s junior United States senator, is weighing up a presidential bid. In April 2023, Scott launched an exploratory committee to determine whether a 2024 presidential bid by the senator is feasible. “I have found that people are starving for hope,” Scott said on Fox & Friends. “They’re starving for an optimistic, positive message that is anchored in conservative values.”

Tim Scott is not married but hopes to settle with the right woman and raise children

Tim Scott is not married. The senator is fast approaching 60, far beyond the age where most people get hitched, but he hasn’t given up on settling down and having kids. “I think in the right time, I will meet Mrs. Right, and she’ll want to have a couple kids,” Scott told POLITICO

He told the outlet that he prioritized his career over having a family, which he occasionally regrets. Scott said that his initial goal was getting his family out of poverty:

“As a poor kid growing up, the most important thing for me to do was take care of my mom. And until I had that accomplished, starting a new family was just not an option for me.”

Scott said he was a virgin when he first campaigned for public office in 1995. While considering settling with a serious girlfriend, a seat in the South Carolina House of Representatives opened up. Again, he chose his career over love. 

Scott, whose Evangelical Christian faith guides most decisions, is no longer a virgin. He told the National Journal that he failed to adhere to his abstinence pledge. 

“The Bible’s right,” Scott said. “You’re better off to wait. I just wish we all had more patience. At the end of the day, the Bible is very clear: abstinence until marriage. Not to do so is a sin.”