What is Jackson Snelling’s ethnicity? The singer’s heritage discussed

Jackson Snelling

Jackson Snelling’s time at The Voice ended after losing a Battle Round against Jordan Rainer. Snelling wrote on Instagram that he would cherish the memories he made during his stint on the show. “I will never forget all of these incredibly kind and talented people!!” Snelling captioned a photo of the contestants. 

Jackson Snelling is African American; he was adopted by white parents

Jackson Snelling is African American. He and his brother, Dawson, were toddlers when David and Dacia Snelling, a white couple, adopted them. 

Snelling told Nashville Voyager that he and Dawson are on the autism spectrum. He experienced behavioral challenges while his brother struggled with severe cognitive difficulties. Snelling said that the family learned sign language to better communicate with Dawson. After David’s death, the family moved from Kentucky to Austin, Indiana. Snelling explained:

“When I was 7 years old my dad passed away in his sleep. After his passing, we did end up moving from Upton Ky to Austin In because of the school system for my brother they had amazing classes for kids with autism. I have a different kind of autism than my brother his is more developmental whereas mine was behavioral. So the school system was a perfect fit for both of us.”

Despite struggling financially, Dacia managed to raise the two boys. “Somehow she managed to get me what I needed to succeed – my mom is amazing,” he said. She occasionally appears on Snelling’s Instagram page. 

It appears that Dacia remarried. In a June 2022 Father’s Day post, Snelling mentioned that his stepfather had passed away in early 2022. Snelling wrote: “Happy Heavenly Father’s Day to my dad you’ve been gone for 13 years and It still hurt as much now as It did when I first lost you… And to my stepdad Happy heavenly Father’s Day you’ve been gone for 5 months now and it’s still hard for me to believe your not coming back.”