Jeffrey Dahmer’s grandma’s house now — Its current state

Jeffrey Dahmer

Jeffrey Dahmer’s alcoholism forced his father to recommend a move to his grandmother’s residence in West Allis, Wisconsin. Lionel, Dahmer’s dad, hoped Catherine would be a positive influence on her grandson as he helped her with chores. Dahmer’s father told The Milwaukee Sentinel:

“This was probably very wrong to do, but I didn’t have the wisdom to do anything differently, and we sent him to his grandmother’s to live there. A new scene. They loved each other, and he’d help her with the chores.”

Barring a couple of arrests, Jeffrey seemed to change for the better. Eventually, however, the move to Wisconsin awoke the monster inside Dahmer. 

Dahmer’s grandmother’s house is still standing, and it seems people live there

The house on 2357 S 57th Street, Milwaukee, WI 53219, that once belonged to Catherine Dahmer, is still standing. Videos on TikTok seem to show that people live in the building. 

Some people opined that the building should have been torn down, given Dahmer committed some murders inside the house, but the local government voted against demolishing it. However, the Oxford Apartments, located at 924 North 25th Street in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, where Dahmer lived and killed, were destroyed. 

Jeffrey Dahmer’s grandmother’s home
Jeffrey Dahmer’s grandmother’s home at 2357 South 57th St. in West Allis, Wisconsin | Google-Maps

Dahmer’s first act of depravity inside his grandma’s house involved the dismemberment of Steven Tuomi’s body. He killed Tuomi in a hotel room and transported his body to his grandmother’s house, where he cut it up. 

Jeffrey later lured James Doxtator and Richard Guerrero into the home with the promise of $50. He sexually assaulted the pair before killing them and disposing of their body parts. A year after Guerrero’s murder, Dahmer murdered and dismembered Anthony Sears. 

He preserved Sears’ head and genitalia and moved with them to his apartment in May 1990. Ronald Flowers testified that bumping into Catherine prevented Dahmer from killing him. Dahmer lured Flowers into the home by promising to jumpstart his stalled car. 

Flowers said Dahmer appeared nervous after the pair bumped into Catherine. Ronald said he didn’t know how he ended up in the hospital but opined that Dahmer spared him because Catherine knew he was in the house. 

Catherine kicked Jeffrey out partly due to the foul smells from the garage and basement

Catherine objected to Jeffrey’s drinking and smoking, but she’d learned to live with it. She began to protest her grandson’s stay at her house when he started bringing young men to the residence at night. 

Dahmer’s grandmother also complained about the foul smells occasionally emanating from the basement and garage. Jeffrey moved out in September 1988 and settled in a one-bedroom apartment at 808 North 24th Street. 

In May 1989, Jeffrey was sentenced to one year in a correctional institution, with work release permitted so he could keep his job. After his release, he temporarily moved back into his grandmother’s residence. 

In May 1990, Dahmer left Catherine’s house for good, moving into 924 North 25th Street, Apartment 213, with Sears’ head and genitals in his luggage. 

It’s believed Catherine didn’t know about Dahmer’s crimes. “I loved him very much,” Catherine reportedly said. “He would do anything for me.”