John MacArthur’s health — His mysterious illness discussed

John MacArthur

John MacArthur, the long-standing pastor of the non-denominational Grace Community Church, came to national prominence following his refusal to follow California’s strict lockdown orders. MacArthur’s congregation met during the pandemic, flaunting COVID-19 lockdown rules. The local government responded by suing the church, which countersued, obtaining an $800,000 settlement. 

MacArthur sustained his battle against the California government, criticizing Governor Gavin Newsom for using the Bible to promote abortion access. “You revealed to the entire nation how thoroughly rebellious against God you are when you sponsored billboards across America promoting the slaughter of children, whom he creates in the womb,” MacArthur wrote in an open letter

John MacArthur is recovering from a bug contracted during the festive period

Concern for John MacArthur grew after he failed to preach during the second service on the first Sunday of 2023. An elder told the congregation that John had preached during the first service, but an unspecified illness prevented him from delivering another sermon. 

“Just so you know, Pastor John had a bug this week and preached our first hour but asked if he might be able to take a break for the second hour,” Protestia quoted the elder

The church released a statement on 2nd January 2023 stating that John MacArthur was in good health. It read:

“Many of you are praying for Pastor John’s health due to his absence from the pulpit during the second service. We are pleased to report that he is doing well. He saw a doctor on Sunday afternoon and he is in good health, and just needs rest from a busy holiday week. Thank you for your continued prayers for Pastor John.”

It’s unclear which ‘bug’ prevented MacArthur from preaching on Sunday. John has a history of failing to report illnesses, so it’s unlikely we’ll get details on his recent affliction. 

Despite numerous reports of COVID-19 cases in the GCC, the church and MacArthur consistently denied that congregants were contracting the virus. John waited until the California government agreed to settle with the GCC for him to admit that members of the church, him included, caught the virus. MacArthur said:

“We understand that many people contracted Covid. … It probably went through our church in maybe December, January. That’s when I began to realize how many people were ill. That’s when Patricia and I endured our own bout with Covid for about a week and a half. And we were fine and thankful for that.”

The coronavirus likely caused MacArthur’s month-long absence from the pulpit in December 2020. On his return, MacArthur, who didn’t specify the nature of his illness, cleared his throat, pointed to his chest, and said, “It’s in there still, so, you’re going to get it, later this morning.”