Who is Jimmy Failla’s wife? All about the recluse Jenny Failla

Jimmy Failla

Jimmy Failla started his career as a cab driver in New York City. He abandoned the gig as his career as a professional standup comedian gained steam. Failla still performs on stage but is more popular for his weekday show Fox Across America. The former cab driver also appears on other Fox shows, including Gutfeld!

Jimmy Failla and his wife, Jenny Failla, have one son, Lincoln

Jimmy Failla's wife and his son

Jimmy Failla met his wife Jenny nearly two decades ago at a comedy club. On 12th December 2022, he captioned a photo of Jenny:

“Happy Birthday to my franchise QB Jenny Failla. Hard to imagine I met this chick 19 years ago tonight in a Cleveland Comedy Club. Even harder to imagine she stuck around. I’ll take it!”

When wishing his wife a happy anniversary, Failla often expresses surprise that their marriage has lasted as long as it has. “Happy 11th anniversary to the great Jenny Failla. And congrats on lasting 9 years longer than either of us thought!” Failla tweeted on 19th August 2017

On 18th August 2022, Failla wrote on Instagram: “16 years ago today this chick married WAY up. Happy Sweet 16 to the incomparable Jenny Failla and congratulations on out lasting EVERYONE’s predictions, including ours.”

Lincoln, the couple’s teenage son, completes the Failla family. Per Failla’s Instagram page, Lincoln plays varsity football for the Clarke Rams. On 25th December 2022, Failla posted an Instagram photo of his family and wished his followers happy holidays. He wrote:

“Wishing all of you a #merrychristmas from my mom’s couch w/ my incomparable wife and our 14 year old designated driver. Hope Santa spoils you all within an inch of your lives!”

Jenny works as a therapist in Rio Rancho, New Mexico

Jenny Failla earned her Master of Arts in Mental Health from Webster University in Albuquerque after graduating from New Mexico State University with a Bachelor of Psychology, her LinkedIn page states. 

She’s worked as a therapist since October 2008. Jenny works part-time at the Trauma Treatment Center and Research Facility in Rio Rancho, New Mexico. Jimmy Failla’s wife is a full-time therapist at PEOPLEWORKS in Rio Rancho.