Kevin James’ health — The comedian’s weight loss explained

Kevin James

Kevin James has given us plenty to laugh about over the years. He rose to fame playing Doug Heffernan on The King of Queens, which earned him a Primetime Emmy Award nomination for outstanding lead actor in a comedy series. 

People have discussed Kevin James’ health for most of his career; the conversation is often triggered by changes in his weight. 

Kevin James is healthy and on a comedy tour up to October 2023

Kevin James is healthy. He’s currently on a comedy tour dubbed The Irregardless Tour, which began in Prior Lake, Minnesota, and is scheduled to end in Grand Rapids, Michigan, on 1st October 2023. Kevin James’ site says he plans to add more cities to the tour schedule, so the comedy may extend into late 2023. 

James has coped with the grueling tour schedule without postponing shows, demonstrating that he is healthy. The positive comments under his Instagram posts show that audiences are getting full value for their money. 

James, who’s always been a heavyset guy, looks and sounds healthy. His weight has fluctuated over the years due to the demands of various roles. In the early 2010s, Kevin lost nearly 80 pounds preparing for his role in Here Comes the Boom. A combination of exercise and a low-calorie diet contributed to the weight loss. 

James, under the instruction of MMA coach Ryan Parsons, trained like an MMA fighter. According to Parsons, James trained without excuses. “This is the secret to anyone’s successful workout,” Parsons said. “It’s too simple to quit if you don’t know why you’re doing something and have a specific objective in sight.”

The Grown Ups star was reportedly a sports star in high school, but injuries derailed his sports career, ushering him towards comedy. James told CBS News that the motivation to lose weight is a desire to stay healthy. He stated:

“The network says I have to lose weight. They want me to be healthy. I understand that. That’s not what pushed me over the edge. Not a network telling me to lose weight. I was watching late night television and I realized I’m bigger than the Skipper [Alan Hale’s character on Gilligan’s Island in the 1960s].”