Is Kissy Missy good? The character’s backstory detailed

Kissy Missy

Players of the survival game Poppy Playtime know that characters in the toy factory aren’t always what they seem. For instance, take Huggy Wuggy, a cuddly blue toy designed to hug your troubles away. In Poppy Playtime, Huggy Wuggy ends your misery in the cursed factory by killing you. 

Therefore, we understand why you may be quick to distrust Kissy Missy, who, at first glance, is the female version of Huggy Wuggy. She is pink, tall, and slender, with thick fur and a broad smile. Furthermore, Kissy Missy is Huggy Wuggy’s love interest. 

However, as we stated, things at Playtime Co. aren’t always as they seem.

Kissy Missy is a good character who follows the rules

Players of Poppy Playtime Chapter 2 must have shuddered when the lanky figure of Kissy appeared from the other side of the door. Behind you, Huggy Wuggy is looking to end you, and in front, there’s his lookalike clad in bright pink. 

There seemed to be no escape until… Kissy helped. She opened the door, walked away, and disappeared. Could she be the good version of Huggy Wuggy? It certainly seems like Kissy Missy doesn’t possess the murderous inclinations of her partner. 

A theory alleges that Missy (Melissa Kissinger) was a lonely girlfriend looking for her boyfriend, Huggard Wugson. After breaking into Playtime Co., she found scientists had turned Wugson into Huggy Wuggy. The scientists captured her and transformed her into Kissy Missy. 

The scientists didn’t intend to make murderous toys, but some experiments, most notably Huggy Wuggy’s transformation, went wrong. However, some experiments like Kissy Missy’s went right. 

From the game and her toy, we can tell that she is good and a stickler for the rules. Kissy Missy’s description on the NFT collectible reads:

“Kissy Missy is more than just Huggy Wuggy’s better half. She is a beacon of Playtime Co. policies and won’t hold back on letting people know about it. Listen up and pucker up for this fuzzy pink lady.”

She has a list of dos and don’ts that she expects people to observe. Her dos include being kind, maintaining punctuality, and resisting attempts to scare others. So far, Kissy Missy has proven to be a good character. 

A popular theory claims that Kissy Missy is Stella

Kissy Missy’s identity remains a bone of contention despite numerous assertions that she is Huggy Wuggy’s partner. An alternative theory that has gained traction claims that Kissy Missy is Stella. 

Stella appeared in Poppy Playtime Chapter 1 as a voice being interviewed for a position at Playtime Co. Stella talked to the interviewer about her love for toys as a child. 

Fans claiming that Kissy Missy is Stella point to the scene at the Game Train. The scene features a cutout of Kissy Missy wearing a conductor’s uniform alongside a big red button that, when pushed, produces a familiar voice – Stella’s voice. 

The use of Stella’s voice seems intentional and is perhaps an indication from the developers that Kissy Missy and Stella are linked. 

Kissy Missy being Stella adds to the idea that she is a good person. Stella came out as kind and friendly during Chapter 1 – the same characters that Kissy Missy displays as she saves the player from Huggy Wuggy. 

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