Is Last Seen Alive a true story? The film’s origins

Last Seen Alive

Following an unimpressive theatrical run, Last Seen Alive has enjoyed a renaissance following its arrival on Netflix. The film, starring Gerard Butler (Will Spann) and Jaimie Alexander (Lisa Spann), has hit the top 10 on Netflix US less than a week after its debut on the platform. 

Will and Lisa are a struggling married couple who’ve decided to take a break. As Will drives Lisa to her parents’ house, the couple stops at a gas station, where Lisa gets abducted. Investigators consider Will the main suspect, forcing him to go on the run. Will launches his search for Lisa, leaving a trail of bodies in his wake. 

Last Seen Alive is not based on a true story

Last Seen Alive is based on a fictional narrative written by Marc Frydman. Frydman said he wanted the film to have a unique style and include thriller elements. Marc settled on the themes of abduction and affair to add realism to the production. 

Despite sharing several similarities with the 1988 film The VanishingLast Seen Alive has no connection to the classic movie. The Vanishing was an adaptation of Tim Krabbe’s book The Golden Egg.