What is Lilah Pi’s ethnicity? The artist’s East London upbringing

Lilah Pi

The rumor mill claims that Drake is dating RnB artist Lilah Pi. “More life to the gyal that’s impossible to duplicate,” Drake wrote on Instagram alongside a photo of Lilah Pi, wishing her a happy birthday. “My inspo, my confidant, my best mate, my heart.” Drake also name-dropped her on the song Who Told You, asking Lilah not to ‘make my eye cry’. 

Lilah Pi’s ethnicity is unclear; she grew up in East London

Lilah Pi grew up in East London. Her name is Delilah, but she shortens it to Lilah. “My actual birth name is Delilah, but it’s Lilah for now, so I just cut off the De-,” Lilah told Clash Music

She told the outlet that she grew up listening to a host of music genres. “My parents always had the most eclectic taste,” Lilah said. She stated that her father mostly listened to Indie Pop. Lilah continued:

Lilah told Notion that her close relationship with her family shaped her EP Atlantis. The RnB artist added that she maintains a close bond with her kin:

“Navigating growing up in a family, especially for me, being so close with my family when I was younger and even now being so close. It’s very hard to navigate that changing relationship, from child to adult, especially like a daughter to father.”