Is Lucy Shimmers based on a real person? The character’s origin

Lucy Shimmers

Lucy Shimmers and the Prince of Peace is a film about finding hope in the worst of times. Lucy, a vibrant child suffering from pneumonia, meets Edgar, a prisoner with kidney failure who’s come to terms with his impending death – his convict status places him at the bottom of the transplant list. 

Lucy and Edgar meet and form an unlikely and special bond. 

Lucy Shimmers is not based on a real character; she was created by director Rob Diamond

Lucy Shimmers is a fictional character created by director Rob Diamond. He told ABC4: “The inspiration for this film came from a dream I had and then the story and the entire production came together absolutely seamlessly.”

Filmmaker Rob Diamond cast his granddaughter Scarlett Diamond as Lucy Shimmers. Rob told ABC4 that Scarlett’s performance was exceptional: “Granted I’m biased, but Scarlett was absolutely incredible. She is only five-year-old and this was her first major speaking role and she proved she’s a natural!”