What happened to Marcel Marceau’s brother? All we know about Alain Marceau

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Although Marcel Marceau was one of the most prolific entertainers of his time, not much is known about his family, particularly about his older brother Alain. Marcel and Alain grew up in France during the heights of World War II, they lost their father to Auschwitz concentration camp and never saw him again.

During the German occupation of France, the two brothers adopted the surname ‘Marceau’ in place of their Jewish surname ‘Mangel’ and went on to join the French Resistance in Limoges. They rescued Jewish children from the Nazis, helping them to cross the Swiss border. After the liberation of Paris, Alain joined the French Army.

Alain Marceau passed away in June 1993 at 72 years old – He was buried in Périgueux, France

Alain Marceau – born to Charles and Chana Mangel on April 8, 1921, in Strasbourg, France – was two years older than Marcel.

While it is known that Marcel enrolled in Charles Dullin’s School of Dramatic Art in Paris after the war, Alain’s life remained far more secretive after he joined the French Army in 1944.

In the following years, he married a Parisian woman named Thâeráese Markusfeld and the couple had two children. They settled in the town of Périgueux in the Dordogne region of southwestern France and lived there till their deaths.

Sometime around the summer of 1993, Alain passed away at 72 years old. His burial was held on June 16, 1993. His wife Thâeráese died the following day and was buried in the same place. She was 69 years old. The circumstances surrounding their deaths are not known.