What is Marcus Mariota’s ethnicity? The quarterback’s Polynesian identity

Marcus Mariota

Marcus Mariota clarified why he left The Atlanta Falcons at the end of the 2022 season. He said he decided to undergo surgery on a problematic knee after the coach informed him that rookie QB Desmond Ridder would take over as quarterback for the final games. “I gave everything I had to this team,” Marcus, currently a backup quarterback for the Philadelphia Eagles, said. “I thought I was making a good decision for everybody.”

Marcus Mariota is Samoan from his dad’s side and German from his mom’s side

Marcus Mariota was born on 30th October 1993, to a Samoan father and a German mother in Honolulu, Hawaii. Alana Deppe-Mariota, Marcus’ mom, was raised in Hawaii. 

Marcus Mariota parents

Marcus’ Polynesian ethnicity shaped the person he became. Growing up guided by Polynesian ideals, Marcus developed his quiet, respectful, and selfless nature. The star quarterback told Bleacher Report: “It’s definitely a culture of respect. Certain traits that you can kind of [learn] growing up. I guess you’re taught as a kid. Some of which are being humble and respecting others, especially elders, being quiet, letting older people speak.”

Vinnie Passas, Marcus’ high school coach, instructed his players to show love to their parents, do good to everyone, and pray to those in need. “By showing the aloha spirit we have here, doing good things for somebody else,” Passas told the outlet. “The more good stuff they do, the more good things will happen.”

Some people saw Marcus’ calm and quiet nature as a potential impediment to a successful career. However, within Marcus burnt an insatiable hunger for success, which guided him to Heisman trophy glory. Marcus was the first Hawaiian native and Polynesian to win the Heisman. The victory made him an instant hero in the Polynesian world. 

“To the Polynesian community,” Marcus said in his acceptance speech, “I hope and pray that this is only the beginning. Young Poly athletes everywhere, you should take this as motivation and dream big and strive for greatness.” Vinnie Passas told The Oregonian that every young Hawaiian looks up to Marcus: “All of the quarterbacks in Hawaii, they want to be like Marcus now.”

Despite his success, Marcus retains his humble attitude. “He doesn’t get caught up in it,” Alana told The Oregonian. “We can be in a shopping mall and people will stop to talk him and he will always talk to people. He really takes it serious. It’s not just that he represents Oregon. He’s representing the state here, as well.”

As he looks to rejuvenate his NFL career, Marcus knows he has the support of Hawaiians and the Polynesian community. Marcus, the winner of the 2016 Polynesian pro player of the year award from the Polynesian Football Hall of Fame, told ESPN that he considers himself a Polynesian ambassador:

“It’s always about us, it’s always about the community. It’s never about I or what you’re doing. When you carry yourself that way, it’s important that you remember that you represent much more than yourself.”

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