Is Michael Bolton sick? Detailing and debunking his many illnesses

Michael Bolton

Since 1975, Michael Bolton has been a notable and consistent part of the music industry. In February 2019, he released his compilation album A Symphony of Hits in commemoration of his 50th year as an artist.

Despite his many public appearances, Bolton’s health came under scrutiny. One can even argue that being publicly active further fueled the gossip as people began to dissect his behavior and attribute it to a disorder or two. Some concerns may have been valid but many were farfetched and it is only fair to call them out.

Michael Bolton suffered from minor illnesses in the previous years, canceling multiple concerts in Finland and the UK

During the European leg of his world tour in 2019, Michael Bolton canceled his concert in Oulu, Finland after coming down with an undisclosed illness. He was advised to get some rest and receive timely treatment.

“My dear fans in Finland, it is with a heavy heart that, under Doctors’ orders, I will be unable to perform at my show in Oulu on Friday 16th due to illness. I struggled through the show in Tampere and have been ordered to rest and get treatment,” Bolton tweeted on August 15.

Similarly, on October 5, 2021, the singer withdrew from his concert in Cardiff, Wales just minutes before he was supposed to perform. The promoter for the event SJM Concerts pledged to reschedule the concert, citing Bolton’s illness at the time. Their announcement read:

“Unfortunately, due to illness, Michael Bolton’s show tonight at Motorpoint Arena Cardiff has been postponed, Michael is deeply sorry to his fans, and an announcement will be made soon regarding a possible rescheduled date.”

Due to the abrupt changes in the concert dates caused by the withdrawal, his subsequent show scheduled at Bridgewater Hall, Manchester on October 7 also had to be postponed. This time, Bolton took to Twitter to give an update about his health and thank his fans for understanding. He wrote:

“To all my beloved fans. I have been reading your get well wishes and feel so blessed and honored to have your support. I’m resting now so I can come back even stronger in a few days!!! Love you all.”

Although Bolton never opened up about the sickness he suffered from at the time, he recovered soon enough to resume his remaining concerts. Hence, it is plausible that he came down with minor illnesses such as the flu or cold during the fall dates of his tours.

Debunking the reports that Bolton has Parkinson’s disease or ‘Samson Syndrome’

After an appearance on the Morning Show in February 2019, people on Twitter speculated that Bolton was suffering from Parkinson’s disease. Allegedly, something about the way he ‘looked and moved’ was reminiscent of the disease.

However, Bolton never addressed nor confirmed the armchair diagnosis. He has made numerous public appearances since then but has yet to display any apparent symptoms of the disease.

Also, one of the outlets claimed that he had been diagnosed with prostate cancer in the past and that his cancer has resurfaced. This statement is untrue as Bolton was never diagnosed with cancer and is instead an advocate for cancer research and sits on the chair of a center promoting the cause.

As for the reports that Bolton suffers from ‘Samson Syndrome’, it seems to be a misinterpretation of the 2013 article titled ‘Michael Bolton Turns 60: Still Rebounding From Samson Syndrome?’.

The article references the legendary biblical warrior Samson who derives strength from his long uncut hair and compares him to the 90s Michael Bolton who sported his signature long hair at the time. ‘Samson Syndrome’ is not an actual disease and is simply a figure of speech used by the author of the article.

Currently, Bolton is booked busy, and on the road. In January 2023, he held his first concert in nine years in Seoul, South Korea. This was followed by an appearance at the MusiCares Persons of the Year gala at the Los Angeles Convention Center in February.

He last appeared as a guest at The Kelly Clarkson Show on February 7 and is set to perform at the 2023 season of Hollywood Bowl on June 10. Judging by Michael Bolton’s commitment to a lot of performances and public events, it is safe to presume that the 69-year-old singer is in good health for his age.