Who is Mike Rowe’s wife? His secretive love life explored

Mike Rowe

Rowe is notoriously private about his personal life so much so that he has only been linked with two women in his entire career. This has led to speculations over his love life, with some even wondering if he is gay. While Rowe is indeed unmarried at the moment, he is not sworn off love and dating.

Mike Rowe confirmed in an interview that he is in a long-term relationship with an undisclosed woman

Rowe was formerly linked with Danielle Burgio, who is an actress, stuntwoman, and dancer best known for her roles in Zack Snyder’s 2021 movie Army of the Dead and the television series Fear the Walking Dead.

As a highly sought-after stuntwoman, Burgio has appeared in more than a hundred films and shows. She is notable for being a stunt double to The Matrix’s character Trinity (as played by Carrie Ann Moss).

The pair, however, never confirmed the dating rumors and have since split up. Also, Burgio is currently married to fellow actor Robert Merrill.

Later in 2019, Mike Rowe was rumored to be dating Sandy Dotson after they were spotted vacationing together. Dotson, who is not from the entertainment field, is said to be an executive at a data management company.

In a 2021 interview with journalist and therapist Kara Mayer Robinson, Rowe confirmed that he is monogamous and committed to a long-term relationship. While referring to his partner, Rowe said that she is “okay” and spoke highly of her.

“She might be a ‘K’… When you put ‘K’ next to an ‘O’, you get OK,” explained Rowe.

Mike Rowe is child-free and has said that its “not a regret, but a choice”

Rowe is also child-free and has revealed that he once broke up with a previous girlfriend after their different stance on having future children. He said:

“It was a long time ago, I was with a girl at the time who was absolutely sure she wanted [kids] and that made me look at our relationship in a way that I wouldn’t have otherwise. I didn’t want to be unfair to her, we were in love but she was very clear.”

Since 2006, Rowe has maintained that he has no issues with marriage or parenthood but he prefers not to have children for “selfish” reasons, even if he finds them enjoyable.

“I don’t have kids and for a while there I was like, ‘I definitely have to have some kids’. Then I really got to know the kids that my friends had and went ‘I don’t want kids’. So, I didn’t have kids and sometimes I think I should have. Maybe I will adopt one but it’s not a regret, it’s a choice,” he said.