Mindy Morgenstern’s parents — Their lives now after the death of their daughter

Mindy Morgenstern

Mindy Morgenstern, a 22-year-old senior at the Valley City State University, North Dakota was found murdered in her off-campus apartment on September 12, 2006. She was strangled with a belt and her throat was cut with two kitchen knives. A week after her death, her neighbor Moe Gibbs was arrested as a suspect in the murder.

Gibbs, a corrections officer at the Barnes County Jail, had attempted to rape her. His DNA was found under Morgenstern’s fingernails. Gibbs was convicted of the murder and sentenced to life imprisonment without the possibility of parole on December 2007.

Mindy’s parents, Larry and Eunice Morgenstern, have forgiven their daughter’s murderer – Eunice published a book about the incident

Larry and Eunice Morgenstern
Larry and Eunice Morgenstern | Dateline NBC

Larry and Eunice Morgenstern live in a farmhouse in the north of New Salem, North Dakota. After the birth of their daughter Rebecca, they adopted Mindy along with two other children from Bogota, Cambodia.

While it is no secret that Mindy’s untimely death was heartbreaking and shocking to her parents, they decided to forgive Moe Gibbs after the 2007 trial, wanting to move on and honor their daughter’s memory.

Eunice sent a letter to Gibbs forgiving him for murdering her daughter. But Gibbs, on the other hand, continued to maintain his innocence despite overwhelming evidence.

“I don’t want there to be [bitterness] and hatred; Mindy wouldn’t want that… Forgiveness is, you still remember the horrible thing he did, but you take all that hatred and bitterness and you surrender it to God, because you can’t do it yourself,” said Eunice.

However, she has not forgotten the crime and continued to journal her grief. In 2019, Eunice turned the entries in her journal into a book titled ‘Mindy’ and published it.

As for Larry, he said that nothing could bring his daughter back. But he was gratified that Gibbs was sentenced to life without parole so “he can’t harm anyone else again”.