Misty Loman now — The tale of how she got her life back together

Misty Loman

Misty Loman, who was born and raised in Kentucky, was arrested for using meth in July 2019. In her own words, she had been in and out of jail fifteen times throughout her life. She became a viral sensation after Sheriff Adam Bieber of Wisconsin innocuously published her mugshots online.

The shock value of the photos, mostly caused by Misty’s unconventional appearance, was meant to serve as a cautionary tale for drug abusers. However, the mug shots told only one side of the story and did not disclose the true reason behind her appearance. Surprisingly, Misty has turned her life around and is doing well in sobriety.

Key Points

  • Misty Loman clarified the misinformation surrounding her mugshot appearance and disclosed the underlying health issues (lupus, cancer, scleroderma) that altered her body.
  • Misty’s drug use spiraled out of control after she was depressed and traumatized from losing three of her sons in infancy.
  • She completed her long-term treatment at the Sisters in Sobriety center located in Bowling Green, Kentucky.
  • As of today, Misty is 34 months sober and leads a normal life with her dog.

Misty Loman was diagnosed with numerous autoimmune diseases such as lupus, bone cancer, and scleroderma

After the infamous mugshots went viral, Misty Loman clarified that there was more to her appearance than simply being addicted to meth. It turned out that she had previously been diagnosed with various autoimmune diseases such as lupus panniculitis, bone cancer, and scleroderma.

Misty Loman

While appearing in Brandon Jarrett’s YouTube video in November 2021, Loman, who was 28 months sober by then, explained her side of the story:

“I just want to clarify the misinformation about my mug shots that went viral. A sheriff went viral with it and said if you do meth, you would look like me. I just want to update the true facts about this. I actually have lupus panniculitis which is a very rare type two of lupus and it is kind of like cancer.”

Lupus and scleroderma not only affected the skin on her face, arms, and scalp but also attacked the fat tissues in her body. Additionally, the chemotherapy she underwent while treating her cancer resulted in hair and weight loss, further contributing to her extremely fragile frame.

“I know for a fact that drugs made it worse as time went on but the underlying issue is if you look at the photos and of lupus panniculitis, you will be able to understand more,” she added.

Misty said that she “hit the rock bottom of her life” after losing her home, family, and children

A few years ago, Misty was at the lowest point of her life after losing her home, car, and family. Things did not improve as she struggled with depression after three of her sons died in infancy. One was born when she was still in incarceration and died at birth.

While grieving her son’s death and dealing with extreme stress at the same time, Misty was diagnosed with lupus and scleroderma. Shortly afterward, she lost her twin sons – one died in the womb and the other survived for only 28 days after birth.

In an October 2020 interview with WBKO, when Loman had been sober for 14 months, she said that her children’s deaths stemmed from her sickness and were not drug-related.

“These tragedies have traumatized me. I couldn’t get my mind right and saw no way out, turned to drugs & alcohol to mask the pain and to feel numb. I was in a dark scary place lost‚ confused severe depression. I didn’t want to live anymore. I had hit rock bottom the lowest in my life I’d ever been,” she wrote in the statement published by WBKO News.

At the time, Misty was “broken in mind, body, and spirit” and did not believe that she would be able to turn her life around. Although she was aware of the possibilities of recovery, she could not influence her mind enough to seek help and rehabilitate.

“I had no intentions. I was going to get high until I died. Doctors didn’t give me much time to live and I just spiraled out of control. I saw no way out. I was so depressed. I didn’t want to wake up. I lost all my hair, it got really bad. I lost my kids. I was homeless. I was at rock bottom,” Loman added.

Misty Loman

After finding solace in God, Misty registered for long-term treatment at the ‘Sisters in Sobriety’ center and recovered fully

As her situation worsened, Misty’s extended family and older sons, Corey and Jacob (who are now 25 and 18 respectively), had to beg her to seek help. Hence, she underwent court-mandated long-term treatment at the Sisters in Sobriety center located in Bowling Green, Kentucky, and found solace in God. Misty was successfully recovered by the time she got out in early 2021.

“If you are struggling and you see no way out and your mind, body, and spirit are broken, just ask God. Prayers really work they really do. I’m living proof of it. There is no way I could have come out of this alive without God. God will help you in your weakest moment,” Loman told WBKO.

She remains optimistic about life and believes that God does everything for a reason and nothing happens by mistake, saying that the hardships she went through served a bigger purpose in her life.

“You might not see it now but there are epiphanies and confirmation along the way that will lead and guide you. I can see now that everything had to happen in order for me to be the person I am today. I have grown so much and you got to go through the bad to get to the good,” she said in the video.

Misty has now been sober for almost three years and leads a normal life with her dog

In a recent appearance with Brandon Jerrett, Misty said that she was excited about doing new things in sobriety and wanted to get out on her own.

“I have also learned that sobriety can be fun and it also is self-care. You got to have self-care to love yourself. Even on rainy days, I just find the positive and the negative, that’s how I always get out myself. Just think that you can always be a lot worse,” she added.