Where is Morgan from Cheer now? She is a beauty influencer in Texas

Morgan Simianer

Morgan Simianer has experienced many setbacks, but she’s always gotten back up. We got acquainted with Morgan’s story through the Netflix docuseries Cheer. The show portrayed Morgan as an underdog who didn’t have enough talent and skill to book a permanent spot on the team. However, Morgan was on hand to take advantage of an injury to a top player. 

Morgan’s determination to improve impressed coach Monica, who rewarded the Wyoming native with a position on the team. Simianer’s personal life also brought out Morgan’s resilience in the face of adversity as she battled abandonment by her parents to succeed in school and life. 

Morgan works as a beauty influencer and might return to cheerleading

Morgan Simianer

Morgan’s time at Navarro ended in 2020 as she’d completed three years of eligibility. Unfortunately, the coronavirus pandemic took away the final part of her third year. 

Simianer lives in Dallas, Texas, where she’s established a career as a beauty influencer. She’s collaborated with Conair and Scunci to launch a line of styling devices and hair accessories. Morgan’s massive social media following offers her the platform to collaborate with beauty brands. 

Unfortunately, social media also brings tons of hate. Initially, Morgan found it hard to deal with the negativity, but true to her nature, she found a way to cope. She can’t leave social media, but she can try to spend as much time away from its negative side as possible. Simianer told Shape:

“I always try to look at the positive, so I just try to steer away from it as much as I possibly can. Obviously, it’s part of what I do, but there has to be that healthy balance of knowing when it’s too much time spent on social media.”

Morgan enjoys a happy relationship with her boyfriend, Stone Burleson. “Guys, I did it. I found the person who makes me the happiest I’ve ever been,” Simianer captioned an early December 2021 post. She also has a cat named Louis Boo, who she describes as adorable. 

The former Cheer star wants to spend as much time with family and friends as possible before putting more effort into her career. She told Shape that it helps maintain her mental health:

“I just take a step back, take a deep breath, and then do things that are important to me – such as skincare, taking a bath, reading a book, or going on a walk or something to clear my head. That helps a lot. And then surrounding myself with friends and family and those I love, or spending time with my boyfriend makes it so my mental health is where it needs to be.”

Morgan’s experience on Cheer ended, but she has hinted at a potential return to cheerleading. “I haven’t cheered in almost two years, which is crazy,” Morgan told Shape. “So, technically, I’m done with cheer, but I’m hoping that soon I’ll be able to make another appearance to cheer again….”

Simianer was disappointed that coronavirus ended her cheerleading stint prematurely

Morgan Simianer

The coronavirus pandemic landed in America a few weeks before Morgan’s last competition as a cheerleader for Navarro. The disease’s rapid spread forced organizers to cancel the 2020 competition in Daytona Beach, Florida. 

It was tough on the team, which had prepared tirelessly, and tougher on Morgan, who wanted to retire from Navarro on a high note. Morgan told Entertainment Tonight that the memories she’d made helped her cope with her premature departure:

“You know, dealing with, ‘I’m not going to cheer again, I never really got to compete,’ it was very hard. I was like, ‘At least I have all the memories and amazing opportunities and the friendships and the bonds.’ That will last a lifetime. That’s what carried me through.”

Morgan graduated and started taking classes at Texas A&M, officially ending her association with Navarro. When she got home and started isolating, she realized that the organizers had no choice but to cancel the competition. 

The best way to deal with the disappointment was to focus on the positives of her time in Navarro. She told Shape:

“I couldn’t change the fact that COVID hit when it did. So I just accepted it and realized that there were so many good things that came from Navarro that I shouldn’t be sad about it. And I should just relive the moment in my head and all the positive memories and thoughts – everything.”

One thing that Morgan enjoys about retirement from cheerleading is the break from back-breaking exercises. She told Shape that she still exercises, but not as intensely as she did at Navarro:

“My boyfriend and I will work out together and my friend is a personal trainer so she makes us workout plans and ab routines to stay in shape, but nothing too crazy because isn’t my favorite thing to do.”