Most Useful TikTok Hacks You Must Know About

Most Useful TikTok Hacks You Must Know About

TikTok is most certainly all fun, but to truly hop on the party ride you will have to put some useful tips and hacks into action.

One thing that remains constant for your TikTok activity is your internet connection. This online app does not allow you to surf through offline. Therefore, if you are someone who is hooked to their phone scrolling through the app then buffering is the last thing you’d want. This is why investing in a good internet connection would be a good idea. We recommend Comcast Español (for Spanish customers) as it is one of the best internet services available across the US. It answers all your internet needs, so do not miss out!

So, how can you improve your presence on TikTok, and what are the best tips that can help you achieve good results? Allow us to elaborate on it all for you!

1. Don’t Skip the Hashtags Ever

No matter what post you make, always add hashtags in the captions. A “fyp”, or “foryoupage” is something you cannot snooze on. Similarly, add relevant tags according to your video.

2. Duets are Useful

You do not have to bring someone into your video for a duet. You just need to make a video on a split screen with another video. A trending video will be like a bonus.

3. Do Use the Trending Sounds

The idea of originality is not harmed by you using trending sounds for your videos. These audio tracks only put your content up in the fyp and there are chances for higher views since the audience is already crazy about it.

4. Cross-Promote Your Content on Your Socials

To hit it big, it is best if you engage your audiences across all the platforms. Did you upload a new TikTok video? Be sure to post about it on your Instagram account as well. Uploaded something on YouTube? Let your followers on TikTok know about it too, and vice versa. Boosting your engagement can also be facilitated by increasing your TikTok likes.

Be it in the form of clips from the content, or the entire video cut down in parts – we will let you decide that!

5. Pique Your Viewers’ Interest for the End

Did you know that TikTok deems it quite favorable for you if the viewers watch your videos till the very end? The algorithm even puts your content on the “For You” page more often. So, how do you get your audience to watch the video all the way?

We recommend you add giveaways, answers to the questions you may have asked in the beginning – or anything you are about to announce, keep it all toward the very end.

6. Craft Your Captions

Your caption is quite important for your TikTok engagement. How?

Well, all you have to do is craft your captions in a way that engages with your audience. The one that will make them comment on the post.

You can add relevant keywords in your well-structured caption as per your content so that it can benefit your visibility.

Bonus Hack!

To continue enjoying the TikTok platform, you might want to sensor some online comments. We are not unaware of the power that comments hold. They can be demeaning, or full of negativity at times. To avoid any bad impact, it is not wrong to keep your guard up. The best you can do for this is to keep your content section filtered out. So, to keep these unwanted comments at bay by doing the following:

  • Keep the Comments Hidden Until You Approve Them

Yes, there is an option on TikTok where you have entire control of your comments section. You can switch on this filter and no comment on your post will go on without your approval.

  • Put Filter on Specific Comments

To keep things more automated and keep yourself free of the manual hassle of approving the comments, you can just set up filters on specific kinds of comments and have them blocked out from your post. These could include ads, spam content, curse words, and more as such.

  • Following Reliable Followers

After some time, it becomes clear what followers are reliable enough to allow them to comment on your posts. So, the best is you can follow them all so that only the ones you are following are allowed to comment under your content.

  • Block Comments Entirely

Why don’t you block the commenting option entirely? This one is on you entirely. You can block the comments for your account generally, or also individually lock the comment section so no comment goes through at all.

Wrapping Up!

It is a wrap on the most useful tips and hacks that you can put into action for your TikTok account.

Are there more that work well for you? Do let us know in the comments section below!