Moz Tools For SEO – Straightforward Guide

Moz Tools For SEO - Straightforward Guide

The traffic and rankings of your rivals. The typical steps in competitive research are competitor identification, content gap analysis, keyword research, and backlink investigation. Find out the Real Competition option in Moz Pro and begin developing your competitive strategy if you’re unsure of where to begin when it comes to identifying your competitors.

Moz SEO Tool for Link Research

By providing information on a competitor’s website, this tool is a godsend for individuals who want to build a website. You can examine other pertinent link data and contrast link profiles.

  1. Open the Link Explorer by going to the official website page and typing the URL into the search field.
  2. You can examine the website’s domain authority, top keywords, linking domains, and inbound links.
  3. It also shows the most recent links a website has received or lost.
  4. As a result, you have an opportunity to attempt and restore the links.
  5. For further data examination or sharing with stakeholders, download it as a PDF or a spreadsheet.

Free Chrome Extension MozBar

To surpass rivals in search engine results, you can choose the MozBar chrome plugin. On a scale of 0 to 100, MozBar determines the search engine credibility of websites. MozBar shows the link metrics for domains and web pages as you browse. It contains guidance about a site’s domain authority, page authority, and backlink count. Additionally, you can explore various page components and look at search results from other engines, nations, areas, or cities. With a Moz Pro membership, MozBar offers limitless exposure to page optimization statistics. It’s free to download and install on Google Chrome. For those looking to enhance their Twitch presence, consider ways to boost Twitch followers.

Moz SEO Tools For Link Metrics

You may access the Domain and Page Authority ratings using MozBar on the search page. Additionally, it lets you see how many inbound links and root domains each page has. You can find significant information near the top of a page when you view it. For instance, the page has an authority of 44, yet the domain has 91 authority. You can use the Link Explorer tool to examine the website’s specifics by selecting the link analysis choice.

Moz SEO Tools For MozCast

Every day, MozCast analyzes page one of Google’s organic results and tracks a hand-selected set of 10,000 keywords to see how they changed from the day before. An unremarkable day is roughly 70°F in the MozCast temperature, which measures the degree of change in the day-over-day rankings. Simply put, the more change we observed in Google ranks during the past 24 hours, the hotter the weather.

Tool for Free Domain Analysis

With the help of the free Moz DA Checker, you can quickly estimate where a website or page will appear in the SERPs. You can use this tool to determine the authority of your domain and web pages. To assist website owners in assessing the “ranking strength” of their sites, Moz developed the DA search engine ranking statistic.


We hope you found this list helpful for understanding the different Moz tools SEO has to offer. Moz is one of the most well-regarded SEO data and analytics platforms. Their suite of tools, including the Open Site Explorer, Keyword Explorer, and the Followerwonk platform, are tailored specifically to give users information about their websites’ performance in search engines.