Is ‘Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris’ based on a true story? Its literary source material detailed

Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris

Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris, the charming tale of a 1950s London widower in pursuit of an haute couture Dior dress, is a light-hearted watch. Directed by Anthony Fabian, the Lesley Manville starrer provides an insight into the humble journey embarked by an ordinary woman to reach one of the most exclusive fashion houses in the world.

Set in the Golden Age, the movie is a historical comedy with little bits of drama thrown into the plot. It is, in fact, an adaptation of Paul Gallico’s novel Mrs. ‘Arris Goes to Paris – the first book in the four-part book series detailing the adventures of the quaint charwoman Ada Harris.

Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris is the third film adaptation of Paul Gallico’s 1958 fictional novel

American novelist Paul Gallico’s book on a fictional Mrs. Harris’ adventure in Paris was first published in 1958. The novel became an instant hit and was adapted into a television episode for the ‘Studio One’ series in the same year. The role of Mrs. Harris was played by Gracie Fields, one of Britain’s leading actresses and comedians at the time.

The second adaptation came nearly 35 years later in 1992 in the form of a television film starring Dame Angela Lansbury in the titular role.

Fast forward to March 2021, Focus Features acquired the world rights to distribute the most recent and the third film adaptation of the novel in the United States. While the acquisition reportedly cost Focus Features $15 million, the company was optimistic about the outcome of the movie.

Kiska Higgs, the President of Production & Acquisitions at Focus said:

“Anthony [Fabian] transports the audience to the nostalgia and glamour of 1950s London and Paris, and the timeless fantasy of Dior haute couture, offering both Mrs. Harris and us a welcome escape from our day-to-day lives.”

According to Deadline, Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris was made in partnership with Dior and was shot in Hungary, London, and Paris from late 2020 to early 2021.