Nathan Millard’s wife: Her dissatisfaction with the investigation into Nathan’s death

Nathan Millard's wife

The investigation into Nathan Miller’s alleged overdose death in Baton Rouge continues as police apprehended two sex workers, who they claim witnessed his passing. Nathan Miller’s body was found wrapped in plastic and a blanket two weeks after he vanished on 22nd February 2023. 

Drug dealer Derrick ‘Stanka’ Perkins faces charges of improperly disposing of Miller’s body. Per The New York Post, Perkins told investigators that he and Nathan picked up the sex workers because Nathan wanted ‘white girls’. Perkins reportedly said that he found Nathan dead after he and the girls went to get more drugs.

Amber Miller, Nathan Miller’s wife, said he was supposed to return home after 24 hours

Nathan and Amber Miller have been married nine years and have a seven-year-old daughter. He also has two sons from a previous marriage and two stepsons. In an interview with Unfiltered with Kiran, Amber described Nathan as the perfect father:

“Nathan was a friend to all. All he cared about was his family. He was the best girl dad. I always told him he was made to be a girl father. He would do facemasks, tea parties or whatever. He was her playmate.”

Amber stated that Nathan’s business trip from Atlanta to Baton Rouge was supposed to take 24 hours. Nathan worked for a construction company and was scheduled to meet a client and view a job site. 

He FaceTimed Amber on 22nd February 2023 as he and the client watched a LSU Tigers game. “It was not anything I ever thought would be my last call,” Amber told 11ALIVE. Nathan and the client drank at Happy’s Irish Pub in Downtown Baton Rouge and planned to meet at the job site the following morning. 

An hour after their scheduled meeting time, he contacted the police. “Well, I never heard from him [Nathan]. I woke up and I knew immediately, waking up during the night, and at least I would have a text. I know that. I was kind of like, ‘Huh,’” Amber told WAFB

Amber said she called and texted Nathan insistently, but he didn’t reply. She stated that the disappearance had affected the family profoundly:

“My daughter, of course, I mean she is just our daughter, she is innocent, innocent. She knows daddy is lost, that she just doesn’t understand. So, we are just trying to keep it very simple for her.”

Nathan’s wife said that her biggest fear was the discovery of Nathan’s body; authorities found him dead on 6th March 2023. 

Amber accused the Baton Rouge PD of failing to take the case seriously and asked the Louisiana State Police to take over the investigation

Amber Miller opines that the Baton Rouge Police Department failed to take Nathan’s case seriously. In an interview with Unfiltered with Kiran, she questioned the police’s initial assertion that foul play wasn’t involved. “[His disappearance] was never taken seriously from day one on the [BRPD’s] end,” she said. 

She stated that she didn’t understand why the police handed Nathan’s phone to his employers instead of using it to retrace his last steps. Amber accused the BRPD of mishandling the investigation. “It’s mind-boggling,” she stated. “It’s disgusting. I always felt like Nathan was just another number [to them].

Amber said the BRPD paid attention to the case after Atlanta journalists asked questions. She questioned why most surveillance cameras in Downtown Baton Rouge don’t record, yet the police speak of rampant insecurity in the area. Amber continued:

“Yet they don’t even have cameras that are recording? It’s unbelievable. They’re doing everything in their power to make it look like this was Nathan that asked for all of this. It’s gut wrenching, and it makes no sense.”

Amber told the outlet that she’d requested the Louisiana State Police to take over the investigation. She stated:

“I just feel like clearly if [BRPD is] struggling with this investigation, then maybe they can humble themselves and ask for outside assistance like the state police to come in and just get more eyes on the so many unanswered questions. Clearly they need help. The puzzle pieces just aren’t adding up.”

Nathan’s wife said she talked to someone who said Nathan was given ‘bad drugs’

Amber Miller said she received a bizarre call from a blocked number. A woman told her that Perkins gave Nathan ‘bad drugs.’

She claimed that Perkins had initially dumped the body in another location before moving it to where police found it. The woman alleged that Perkins moved the body to collect a reward police offered for information leading to the resolution of Nathan’s disappearance. 

The police are investigating the alleged phone calls as the East Baton Rouge Parish Coroner’s office attempts to identify a cause of death. The autopsy revealed no signs of internal or external trauma. The final toxicology report should reveal the cause and manner of Nathan’s death.