Netflix’s Two: the ending, explained – Who were David and Sara?

Netflix's Two

Two is a Spanish thriller film streaming on Netflix which tells a bizarre story about conjoined humans. Two random strangers wake up in a dodgy room with them stitched to each other, and the film shows their attempt to free themselves and uncover the hidden secrets of their past. Although the film is relatively short, it delivers a gruesome and tricky ending that some viewers may find both over the top and complex. 

Warning: Major spoilers ahead!

Two strangers ended up in bed together

A woman (Marina Gatell) wakes up from a drugged sleep without any clothes on to see her on top of a man. Her efforts to move away from him miserably fail. The man (Pablo Derqui) realises that they both can’t move the lower parts of their body. Upon looking down and removing the bandage, he realises that their abdomens have been sewn together. 

They introduce each other as David and Sara but cannot remember anything before this incident. David suggests that they have been drugged by a chemical that is often used by rapists.

They both try to find a connection between them that would explain the ordeal but realise that both of them come from very different backgrounds. 

However, the woman finds a remote control and the man assumes that they are being secretly filmed. They manage to get up from the bed in a bid to reach the telephone, but their strength fails them again. The lights go off and Sara hears someone coming from outside. When the lights are turned on again, she sees some painkillers and they both drink them. 

Sara and David find hidden pieces of information

Upon searching the room, they find a bible with a verse highlighted. They also find a picture of a woman near the Eiffel tower, but neither recognizes who she is. 

Further inspections reveal a hidden camera attached to a painting. The phone rings and a classical symphony starts playing. Sara identifies it as Mozart’s Requiem, her husband Mario’s favourite symphony. 

She says her husband is a philosophical intellectual who follows the exact sciences. Mario also is a follower of the number 2. Sara reveals that her father left her when she was little, and it was Mario that had taken care of her. However, now he is convinced that Sara was having an affair, making him the prime suspect of this debacle. 

David announces that he is an orphan and is now working as a male escort after getting in debt. 

The duo tries to detach themselves while more information is revealed 

David breaks a mirror and gets a shard of glass in a bid to cut the stitches. While cutting the stitches Sara sees that whoever did this had taken off a piece of their skins and stitched it together.

After a failed attempt to cut the stitches, they both lie in the bed. David, after observing a painting inside the room, remembers that a man offered a large sum of money to sleep with his wife. Sara assumes that the man David had met has been Mario. 

The telephone rings just then and Sara answers it and identifies that this isn’t Mario. 

Sara has a breakdown and reveals that she cheated on Mario many times. David in a bid to calm her down starts kissing her and the lights go off. They end up having sex until a man comes and urges them to stop. David kicks him hard, and he faints after hitting his head on a table. 

Sara sees the man dressed as Mario, but she soon realises that the man is not her husband. 

The truth is finally revealed 

While escaping they see news articles hung around the doorway about a mother who died after giving birth to Siamese (conjoined) twins. They both try to piece their past and realise that they both are the Siamese twins who have been surgically separated later.

The articles also reveal that their father, Doctor Oscar Mashide (Kandido Uranga) got schizophrenia and was transferred to a mental facility while their mother was revealed as the lady in the picture. 

They come across a set of animals who have been stitched together like them. Sara sees her real Mario has been killed and takes her gun.

The man who David kicked appears again and reveals himself to be Oscar, the father of David and Sara. He forces them to stay together, but Sara fires the gun which hits both David and Oscar. David tells Sara to separate themselves somehow by using a small knife. Sara finally managed to cut herself off from the injured David.

Sara goes out to get help, but all she sees is a snowy terrain among some hills. 

The film ends with both David and Sara dying in the same way, but in separate places, as a Yin and Yang symbol fades in through a background, revealing the number 2. 

Although the film doesn’t reveal anything about how the father got hold of them, the common consensus is that he escaped from the mental facility and started practising joining animals together. The father had also dressed as Mario and had met with David and Sara at some point to drug them. The way he drugged the two and transported them to this unknown place remains to be a mystery.