What is Nicole Phelps’ ethnicity? The former beauty queen’s heritage detailed

Nicole Johnson and Michael Phelps

Nicole Phelps and her husband, Michael Phelps, are expecting their fourth child in 2024. The former Miss California USA announced the pregnancy via an Instagram photo taken at a Baltimore Ravens NFL game. “For those that are wondering… yes! we’re expecting our 4th Phelps in 2024,” Nicole captioned the post. 

Nicole Phelps’ ethnicity is unclear; her parents are Annette and Richard Johnson

Nicole Phelps was born on 12th July 1985 to Annette and Richard Johnson. Her ethnicity is unclear. Unconfirmed reports claim she may have black, Persian, Caucasian, Mexican, Filipino, or Hispanic roots. 

She was born in Colorado Springs, Colorado. The Johnson family, including Nicole’s younger brother, moved to Thousand Oaks, California, when she was 12. Nicole decided to pursue modeling after reading an ad for Miss California Teenager in the Thousand Oaks Acorn. 

Annette didn’t think it was a good idea. However, she quickly appreciated the positive effect that modeling had on Nicole, who won Miss California National Teenager in 2004. Annette told VC Star: “I just saw this beautiful, confident girl emerging, and she made a lot of really good friends. I think it just brought a lot of confidence and she started to figure out who she was and what she wanted. Within a couple months of winning, she applied to USC.”

Nicole eventually won the Miss California USA 2010 crown and placed ninth at the Miss USA 2010 pageant. She hoped for a career in sports media, specifically in Formula One, but life took her in a different direction: Nicole is an ambassador for the Michael Phelps Foundation.