Old Movies on Netflix That Are Worth Watching Today

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The four movies on this list are true classics that everyone will remember. Each has a powerful message and remains respectable in the classic movie world. Here we talk about four movie storylines to help you understand why they are special. Is it the characters, the storyline, or how powerful and moving they are combined?


This is a movie about a blackjack game and a group of people who are super talented in winning their games. If you are someone who loves playing blackjack or tries to check out the best blackjack games on a digital platform from time to time, then chances are high you would love this movie. It’s not just about the popular game.

Ben Campbell and a group of intelligent friends use their creative math knowledge to win big at a Las Vegas casino playing blackjack. The “students” winning streak doesn’t go unnoticed in this true story. A casino security personnel understands how they are cheating at the game. The method they use in this movie is called card counting. It helps to keep track of the cards already dealt so they can get an idea of what remains. This allows the players to work out what move is best to make next. Unfortunately, Ben isn’t successful with his plan to be rich. Ben eventually realizes being dishonest hasn’t got him anywhere. He learns doing things his way isn’t the right way. Unexpectedly, he ends up using his bad actions to get him through to the other side.

Throughout Ben’s journey, he abandons those close to him and is deceitful to his mother. Ben eventually learns how to fix his mistakes and gives up his party lifestyle. Ben learns how to smuggle cash into the airport, change his disguise, and create a false identity.

A Beautiful Mind

A Beautiful Mind is based on the novel Beautiful Mind written by Sylvia Nasar. John Forbes is a master in math but is suffering from a mental illness. Russel Crowe plays the part of the mathematician who goes to graduate school to work on mathematics but soon develops symptoms of schizophrenia that gradually get worse. He struggles through life but wins the Nobel prize at the end.

A Beautiful Mind is simply what it’s about. Even though he had a mental illness, he still didn’t give up. One man and his determination are worthy of being awarded an Academy Award. Don’t let anything stop you from reaching your goals was the main point of the movie.

Stand By Me

If this isn’t a globally recognized and admired film, I don’t know what is. It is one movie that we all tell our children about and the emotions that it carries. Everyone has heard of this movie and has been moved by the storyline. In Oregon, a group of friends go on a 2-day search for a teenager’s body. The kids wanted to be the town’s heroes and find the body first. However, their adventures became something different. They band together and become the tough kids with the cigarettes they stole and their foul language.

The boys run into another group of hoods looking for the same thing. This is when the boys must find the courage they never knew existed. Everything in this movie is perfect, from the acting to the plot. There are so many emotions in this movie that came from the Novel The Body. it is a movie that will leave you watching till the end.

The Godfather

The Godfather is a mob drama but one of the best films. The inspiration came from The Godfather novel by Mario Puzo. It is about a family who live a life of crime. When the younger son becomes one of the mafias, he joins the world of deception and violence. As he goes further into the family business of crime, he struggles to keep things normal at home.

The mafia lives by one quote: Betrayal is punishable by death. The mafia seeks out money and power; achieving that comes at whatever cost.

This movie looks at a family portrait different from the typical one we all live each day and how criminals can change someone’s personality. It takes you deep into the mafia and just how much power they have. There is a separate world within the realm of criminal activity.


A Netflix subscription service might not sound exciting to you. However, the platform is worth considering with all the classic movies you can watch. Whether it’s the storyline or the acting the movies on the list belong on top. The few above are only some of the best timeless movies streaming on Netflix. Check out Netflix to find more movies that are just as good as these top four.