Paul Walker and Jasmine Pilchard-Gosnell’s love story: Their controversial romance

Paul Walker and Jasmine Pilchard-Gosnell

Paul Walker’s untimely death in late 2013 sent his family, friends, and adoring fans into deep mourning. The Fast and Furious star was a gifted actor and, more importantly, a caring and philanthropic man dedicated to bettering the world. Walker was leaving a charity event when the vehicle he was traveling in crashed and caught fire. 

Walker was notoriously private about his personal life, exemplified by the documentary I Am Paul Walker, which contained plenty about his career and philanthropy but very little about his love life.

Paul was dating his longtime girlfriend, Jasmine Pilchard-Gosnell, at the time of his passing. Despite the controversy about their age difference, the pair had big plans for the future. 

Jasmine Pilchard-Gosnell was 16 when she started dating Paul Walker

Paul Walker had a distinguished career and touched many hearts with his charity work, which arguably concealed his inglorious penchant for dating teenage girls. 

Before starting his relationship with Jasmine, Paul dated Aubrina Atwell. According to Atwell’s interview with The Las Vegas Sun, she was 16 when she and Paul Walker started dating. Walker moved on from Atwell with Jasmine Pilchard-Gosnell, who was also 16 when the relationship started. 

Paul avoided scrutiny about his relationships by shielding his personal life from the public. Jasmine was a minor when the then-33-year-old Walker started dating her.

The age of consent in California is 18. Though there’s no evidence Walker had sexual relations with Jasmine or Atwell before they hit 18, Paul’s propensity for dating underage girls is alarming. Times have changed since Walker died, and it’s unlikely he would get away with such behavior now. 

@Mr_Brown_Sir tweeted in June 2019: “Paul Walker’s girlfriend was a minor. Young enough to be his daughter. If it’s wrong for R. Kelly, it’s wrong for Paul Walker. What’s wrong? We’re about equality right? Dig him up and sit him in court like Michael Jackson.”

Paul’s daughter, Meadow Walker, is eight years younger than Jasmine. After Walker died, some outlets reportedly mixed up photos of Jasmine and Walker. @BasedJane tweeted in November 2020:

“Baby, when Paul Walker died and the news outlets kept mixing up pictures of his daughter and girlfriend and folks started finding out he was a pedo….”

Paul Walker was reportedly planning on marrying Jasmine

Paul and Jasmine were together for seven years before Walker died – and he reportedly wanted the relationship to continue long into the future. 

A report by OK! Magazine said that Paul considered Jasmine the love of his life and planned on marrying her when she was ready. A source told the outlet:

“There’s no doubt he was planning on marrying her when she was ready. He knew she was young and had her own things she wanted to achieve, but he always said she was worth the wait.”

After Paul’s death, Jasmine’s uncle Barton Bruner told The Daily Mail that she and Paul had experienced some ups and downs but were excited about their future. Barton said:

“Paul was a really good guy and Jasmine is broken up by this. I went to Thanksgiving with him, played golf with him. They had their ups and downs but they were together and looking to spend a bright future together.”

Jasmine reportedly collapsed when she learned about Walker’s death

Jim Torp told Hollywood Life that Jasmine collapsed when he broke the news about Walker’s death. “When I told her what happened she fell, she collapsed,” Torp said. Jasmine composed herself before talking to Meadow about her father’s death. 

“I believe she is the one who told Meadow about what happened, and when she found out she was hysterical and crying,” Torp added. He continued:

“It was just so sad. I tried to do everything I could to help them. Paul’s girlfriend then took Meadow and drove her home. I don’t know if they drove to [the] crash site. I just know they were in so much anguish.”

Meadow and Jasmine had grown close, with Pilchard-Gosnell reportedly taking on a stepmother role, despite being only eight years older than Meadow. 

Jasmine expressed her devastation via Facebook posts. The Daily Mail quoted one of the posts: “Every day, in some small way, memories of you come our way. Though absent, you are ever near, still missed, still I will always love you. Rest in Peace. Love…”

She found comfort in family and healing through therapy. In April 2014, The Daily Mail reported that Jasmine had moved from Walker’s home to her family’s home in Goleta, 120 miles away from Los Angeles. Her father, Casey Gosnell, told the outlet:

“I have her in grief counseling. You have to understand that she is still terribly wounded by Paul’s death and will be for a long time. Maybe one day she’ll be ready to talk about Paul but she is not there yet.”

“She’s trying to deal with her loss – it’s been very hard for her. But she has her family and we’re trying to help and support her as much as we can.”

Jasmine is reportedly engaged to Travis Turpin. 

Travis Turpin and Jasmine reportedly started dating less than a year after Paul’s death. The pair allegedly got engaged but haven’t married. 

Jasmine deserted the spotlight after Paul’s death, so there’s little reliable information about her private life. However, multiple outlets agree that Jasmine isn’t married.