Is Physical 100 real? The hit series explained

Physical: 100

Netflix’s Physical: 100 is a television show made to fascinate all viewers – it has drama, mind-blowing challenges, competition, god-like competitors, and supervisors wearing costumes and masks eerily similar to those in Squid Game

The show’s first challenge is enough to reel you in. To gain an advantage in the Pre-Quest mission, the competitors participate in an endurance challenge: those who hang on the longest to the bars suspended above a pool of water get to pick their opponent in the next round.

Physical: 100 is real, with the winner earning roughly $250,000

Physical: 100 is a real show that pits 100 competitors against each other. The contestants include social media stars, bodybuilders, Olympians, mountain rescuers, farmers, and MMA fighters. The common denominator is they are in top physical condition. 

At the end of the elimination-style competition, the winner will take away roughly $250,000. Fans have pointed out that the show shares some similarities with Squid Game

They are right, but, thankfully, no one dies in Physical: 100. The eliminated contestants leave the competition after smashing a life-sized sculpture of their torso with a hammer.