Pieces of Her Parents’ Guide — Viewing with younger children is not advised

Jane Queller and Andy

Fast and tingling, Pieces of Her, takes the audience on a roller coaster ride where you just don’t know when the next curve will hit! Jane Queller (Toni Collette & Jessica Barden) warps in and out of identities as she struggles to keep her daughter Andy (Bella Heathcote) safe in a witness protection program. For 30 years Andy has no clue about her treacherous family and when she finally begins to find out – the road to the realization is steep and thorny.

Parental Rating

The movie has been rated TV-MA containing mature content unsuitable for audiences younger than 17 years of age. The movie is harsh with violence, sexual content, strong language and gore.

Viewing with younger children is not advised and here is why

Violence and brutal murders

The entire series is based around murders and escapes. The first episode opens with a mass killing shootout and a knife being thrust straight into Jane’s hand – all the while Andy is on the floor unable to move. Scenes of shooting, murders and fighting continue throughout the season. Nick Harp (Joe Dempsie) is portrayed as one of the most violent characters throughout the drama. Fighting scenes are all too real and the camera does not shy away from resulting bruises and bleedings.

Strong Language

A show based on suffering, near escapes and traumatic life experiences the series is littered with foul and distasteful language. S, F are catch phrases in this show!

Some Sexual content

There are a few scenes where the younger Jane and Nick are kissing and later on a more graphic scene where they have sex is shown. Otherwise, the show is mild on such content.

Severe Illness

There are scenes towards the end of the show where Jane is shown suffering through chemotherapy and struggling to survive. They are shot in very real settings of a chemo-clinic and later she is shown weeping over a dying fellow patient to whom she remained rude and irritable.


The characters are shown often drinking alcohol in work and pleasure settings. The general infuriated characters shown combined with liquor consumption give off a very coarse vibe to the series.

Blackmail & Mental Trauma

The Show is based on half-truths, lies and deception. From Jane’s father, her brother down to herself – all of them are shown plotting and menacingly deceptive. Andy is constantly shaken by the uncertainty and lack of safety she feels around her as she tries to escape.

The tape recording cropping up again and again is a proof of blackmail that is used by Jane to mask the fact that she got her father killed. Andy finds out and seems to forgive her mother because, it was after all, Andy whom she was trying to save from her father.

It is a gripping mini-series and focuses on a tightly knit plot ready to unfurl. The acting is mature and characters are oddly very relatable. The dark possibility of this being true makes the show more intriguing. Delving deep into family politics wrong horribly wrong, a few days will go by full of guaranteed intrigue! But, the mature content is not recommended for children – by any stretch!