PinkPantheress’ ethnicity — Her biracial identity discussed


We have TikTok to thank for exposing us to the singing sensation that is PinkPantheress. The singer and songwriter tried and failed to launch her career by posting her short tracks on music platforms. She turned to TikTok, a social media platform synonymous with short-form music, and she blew up. 

PinkPantheress has a British father and a Kenyan mother

PinkPantheress was born Vicky Beverly Walker on 18th April 2001 to Elza and Stephen Walker. She and her older brother, Christopher, are British and African. 

The songstress kept her identity secret for a while. “I’m not saying it’s to do with insecurity of my looks or the color of my skin,” PinkPantheress talked about her secrecy. “I just didn’t want what I looked like – negatively or positively – to impact my music. So that’s why I started [by] not showing her face.”

People generally reacted positively to her racial identity. She opined that the reaction stemmed from people’s appreciation of her content: “If you’ve earned a level of respect from the internet by offering them something worth offering, then generally they’re not gonna say negative things about what you look like.”

Still, some people were surprised by PinkPantheress’ African heritage, which she expected. “To be honest, I’m not surprised that people are surprised, I very much expected it,” she told Crack Magazine. “There aren’t many Black women in alternative spaces. That’s obviously the reason they were surprised in the first place.”

PinkPantheress revealed her face but not her name. The Daily Mail uncovered her identity, reporting that her Kenyan mother worked as a carer and her British dad worked in the math department at Bath University. The singer started creating music when the family moved to Canterbury, Kent.

According to The Daily Mail, PinkPantheress visits Kenya often – her favorite destination is the coastal town of Mombasa.