Is Post Malone on drugs? His surprising drug-use history

Post Malone

Every so often, Post Malone hits the headlines for something other than his excellent music: his stage antics, tattoos, injuries, or his long-rumored drug use. A typical Malone performance during his early 2023 tour has sparked rumors that Post Malone is on drugs. @DailyLoud posted a video of the performance, stating fans are ‘extremely worried about Post Malone.’

@carlietweetsfr ominously quoted Daily Louds’ tweet: “This reminds me of Amy Whinehouse’s last performance before she passed away in 2011 because of her alcohol and drug addiction. I really hope he gets the help he needs and goes to rehab to better himself.”

Fans suspect that Malone is on drugs due to his performances, but he has denied using drugs

Post Malone is an eccentric performer, so fans using his performances as evidence of drug use are probably misguided. In the video, Malone twitches and contorts his arms and legs while singing I Fall Apart. As some commenters pointed out, Malone performs the song like that every time.

@Lunaa tweeted: “Seen this dude live 4 times. He’s performed I Fall Apart just like this every time since 2018. Every year some new clip comes out of him performing and everyone accuses him of doing hard drugs because he puts on a good show or is buzzed on beer that he drinks on stage lmao.”

Malone’s weight loss has also fueled the drug use rumors. Malone hasn’t discussed his weight loss regimen but stated that impending fatherhood inspired him to take care of himself. “Time to take care of my body and my family and friends,” Malone told People as he talked about his excitement for his child’s birth. He has a young daughter. 

Malone’s ceaseless touring might have also contributed to his weight loss. @bitchcuIture tweeted: “TikTok is saying Post Malone is on hard drugs because of ‘excessive weight loss’ as if he didn’t just go on an entire US tour and is now on another one. Y’all know how strenuous performing is?”

In 2020, Malone dismissed drug use rumors after another unconventional performance went viral. The rapper told fans in Memphis, Tennessee:

“I’m not on drugs and I feel the best I’ve fucking felt in my life. And that’s why I can bust my ass for these shows and fucking fall on the floor and do all that fun shit. But for anyone that’s concerned here, I appreciate the love and the support, but I feel fucking fantastic and I’m not doing drugs.”

Post Malone quit hard drugs after smoking laced weed

Post Malone used to do hard drugs, including pills and marijuana. Malone was on drugs while working on his debut album Stoney – the album’s name suggests as such. 

Malone told DJ Whoo Kid on SiriusXM that he quit hard drugs after smoking laced weed. “I smoked some weird stuff,” the artist said. “It just gives me weird anxiety now. It’s like one day, you are smoking like crazy. And then the next day you are like, ‘Woah. I feel like I’m gonna die.”

Malone drinks alcohol – he is a massive fan of Bud Light – and smokes cigarettes. There’s no evidence that he uses anything other than alcohol and cigarettes.