Property Insurance vs Content Insurance

Property Insurance vs Content Insurance

It is important to know how insurance can help to save your business from big losses. If your property gets damaged by fire. How will you bounce back? Similarly we will talk about two main types of insurance that is property insurance and content insurance. Both are necessary to keep your business safe.

Certainly CIB commercial property insurance is a great choice. Consolidate Insurance Brokers (CIB) are Australia’s most trusted commercial property and building insurance specialists. And they offer both types of coverage. Property insurance and content insurance. So in this article we will explain the differences between property and content insurance. We will also show why having both is very important for your business. Let’s learn how CIB commercial property insurance can protect your assets.

Key Differences Between Property and Content Insurance

Here we will talk about the difference between property and content insurance

What is Property Insurance?

As we all understand Insurance is important for every business. The simplest reason is that it helps to protect against big losses. Undoubtedly it is a shield for your business’s physical structures. If a firestorm or any other disaster hits your office building or any business territory, the property insurance is here to help and for repairs.

Certainly property insurance covers your main building and other structures on your property like garages or storage units. Therefore you are not left alone to handle the costs when things go wrong.

Meanwhile one great choice for businesses is CIB commercial property insurance. It offers a huge coverage range to protect your business space from all types of risks. CIB commercial property insurance can keep your business safe and give you peace of mind.

What is Content Insurance?

Now it’s time to understand content insurance. Well you know very well that if you have an office building its insurance will be considered property insurance, whereas whatever you have inside the building that’s insurance called content insurance.

However content insurance is very important for many purposes. Though it covers things like furniture or equipment and inventory. Content insurance helps to fix or replace these items. So your business can keep going smoothly. However Content insurance works hand in hand with property insurance. On the other hand property insurance takes care of the building itself while content insurance looks after what is inside.

Certainly when you have both insurance your business is fully covered against unexpected incidents. CIB Commercial Property Insurance teams up with property insurance to protect everything your business needs to grow. 

Why Your Business Needs Both Insurance

Well Property insurance covers your buildings and structures, while content insurance covers what is inside such as furniture, machinery and equipment. For example if there is a fire property insurance covers the repairs for your building. But what about your equipment and inventory? We surely need something to pay for that huge loss. That is where content insurance helps to replace or fix your things inside the building.

Certainly having both types of insurance gives you complete protection. One solution that offers both types of coverage is CIB commercial property insurance. It is like a one-stop solution for protecting your business from different risks. CIB commercial property insurance can be the perfect fit for your business. Because of both insurance complete coverage keeps your business secure.

What Doesn’t It Cover?

Well it is similarly important to know what your company does not cover. There are some things that CIB Commercial Property Insurance does not cover. It’s important to know these so you can be fully protected.

Floods Damages

CIB Commercial Property Insurance usually does not cover flood damage. Floods can cause a lot of harm to your building and its contents. To be safe you might need a separate flood insurance policy. This is important if your business is in an area that floods often.

Wear and Tear

Wear and tear means the damage that happens from regular use. For example old carpets might get worn out, or machines might break down after years of use. CIB Commercial Property Insurance does not cover this kind of damage. Regular maintenance is needed to keep everything in good shape.

Intentional Damage

Intentional damage occurs when someone intentionally harms your property. For example if someone vandalises your building or breaks your equipment on purpose it might not be covered. This type of damage is often not included in standard insurance policies so you may need special coverage for it.


Finally you know both types of insurance. However businesses need property and content insurance for keeping their assets safe. Property insurance protects your building and content insurance covers from the inside. Undoubtedly Choosing the right insurance is important to make sure your business is fully protected.

Consolidate Insurance Brokers CIB commercial property Insurance gives comprehensive coverage to your business. CIB gives you relaxation after knowing your business is secure from various risks. Hurry up! Visit CIB Commercial Property Insurance and protect your business today with the right insurance coverage.