Where is Randy Quaid now? His retirement plans

Randy Quaid

Randy Quaid, the star of over 90 films, last appeared on screen in 2018’s All You Can Eat – it was his first acting gig since starring in 2009’s Balls Out: Gary the Tennis Coach. Quaid is famous for his role in 1973’s The Last Detail, which earned him BAFTA, Golden Globe, and Academy Award nominations. 

He’s also known for playing Cousin Eddie in the Vacation movies, a role he claims affected his career negatively. Quaid posted a Twitter poll on 22nd December 2022 asking whether his role as Cousin Eddie caused him to be typecast, and an overwhelming majority said yes. 

Randy and his wife are renovating an 864-acre property in Vermont

Randy Quaid and Evi Motolanez
Glenn Russell/Free Press

In late November 2022, Randy and his wife Evi Motolanez, whom he married in 1989, purchased an 864-acre property in Burlington, Vermont, on Randy Lane. They plan to renovate the home and others in the area to make them more energy efficient. Evi told Vermont outlet Seven Days:

“It’s going to be green, and we’re going to be using the local grid to make that happen. Hopefully we’re gonna do something even more cutting-edge than people are doing today to make the suburbs of Burlington, one after another, 100 percent converted to energy efficiency.”

Evi said the goal is to make the ranch carbon-neutral. The exterior work includes planting cedar trees, while the interior work involves installing a new bathroom and kitchen, renovating the bedroom, and removing several walls in the home. Evi told the outlet that Randy is fully on-board with the idea. 

“Randy Quaid is a 70’s coll person with the same attitude who gets it,” Evi said. “It’s been fun seeing my 70’s husband interact with cool 70’s Vermonters.” Evi revealed that the couple lives on a small Greek Island. 

Randy and Evi arrived in Vermont in 2015 after fleeing prosecution in California. The couple initially moved to Canada, where Evi was granted citizenship, but Randy wasn’t. To avoid deportation, the pair tried to sneak into Vermont – they were arrested at the border. 

Thankfully for the couple, a Vermont judge found a date discrepancy in the California arrest warrant, ruling that she couldn’t find probable cause that the Quaids had failed to attend a set court date. Despite the ruling, the Quaids were subject to arrest if they traveled to another state. 

California prosecutors seemingly lost interest in charging the pair as the Quaids vacationed in California in 2017 without incident. They decided to settle in Vermont, as Evi grew up there. 

Quaid spends his days tweeting against President Biden’s administration

Randy Quaid is an avid supporter of former president Donald Trump. In November 2020, at the height of Trump’s election results denials, Trump retweeted a video of Quaid asking the former president’s supporters to rebel. Quaid says in the video:

“Is this the way America goes? Is this really our future? Wake up you sleeping giant, the lilliputians have tied you down with their fantastic dreams of icebergs melting into dinosaurs and train tracks stretching across the Pacific waters. Trump trumpets reveille and it’s time to heed the call.”

Trump also retweeted this tweet by Randy: “I just don’t see Americans rolling over for this election fraud. Do you?” Former President Trump also retweeted a video of Quaid narrating a Trump tweet against Fox News. “Thank you Randy, working hard to clean up the stance of the 2020 Election Hoax!” Trump tweeted

Since Trump’s eviction from Twitter, loyalists like Quaid have become his mouthpiece on the platform, spreading his ideas and attacking his rivals, including President Biden. On 23rd December 2022, Quaid tweeted:

“This Christmas pray to remove Joe Biden from the White House. He is an utter, complete failure and a vicious, incompetent, corrupt senile old man who hates America. His failures are too many to count and are killing Americans daily.”