Relationship between fuel consumption and emission control device

The catalytic converter is present in almost any modern car – it is an important element of the exhaust system of the car, serving to reduce the toxicity of the exhaust gasses of the engine. In the conditions of modern ecology, emission reduction devices are contaminated especially often. This is due to the use of low-quality fuel, poor road conditions and other reasons that predetermine premature failure of this expensive unit.

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Why does fuel consumption increase after removal?

When a destroyed or clogged neutralizer unit is removed and nothing is put in its place, the following happens:

  • exhaust gasses enter the exhaust system in their natural composition and are not cleaned in the neutralizer;
  • the new composition of the gasses is detected by an oxygen sensor and transmitted to the control unit;
  • in response, the electronics enriches the mixture;
  • gasoline consumption after removing the catalyst increases, oil consumption increases 2-3 times;
  • soot forms on the plugs, they have to be replaced more often;
  • due to oily plugs, the internal combustion engine can not reach high speeds, the engine can throttle, there is additional vibration, the ignition does not work the first time.

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What to do if you have removed a clogged

Below are a few solutions.

  • The easiest option would be to replace one emission reduction device with another. But it will also be the most expensive, the procedure for installing a new part is quite expensive, and not every car owner can afford it.
  • It is easiest to put a flame arrestor on the vacated place, which will dissect and slow down the flow of exhaust gasses.
  • The worst solution is to not lift anything. If you don’t install any alternative parts, the exhaust will pass through the entire system without the slightest resistance, the flow of gasses will get hot and create a roar, and the rear oxygen sensor will highlight critical readings.

By replacing the catalytic converter, you will immediately notice a reduction in fuel costs.

How to know when it’s time to replace

You can make certain conclusions yourself without additional diagnostics of the system. To do this, simply unscrew the emission reduction device and use a flashlight to illuminate it from the opposite side of you through the honeycomb. After that the following is possible:

  • if the light does not penetrate, then the catalytic converter is clogged;
  • if the light penetrates in the center of the honeycomb, then the process has begun and it cannot be stopped.

There are many signs that indicate that the exhaust system of the car has already exhausted its life. One of the main ones among them is an increase in fuel consumption. If you notice that gasoline consumption has suddenly increased, contact a service center to have the emission reduction device checked.