Royalteen: the ending, explained — Is Lena’s Secret Out?


Royalteen is a 2022 Norwegian movie about a teenager and her secret past. Let’s find out what the ending was all about.

Beware, spoilers ahead!

Lena and her new school, friends and relationship

Lena, an 18-year-old has transferred to a new high school in Oslo, after the family’s transfer. The class is full of rich and wealthy students and even royalties. On her first day, she strikes up a conversation with the Crown Prince Kalle, notorious for being a player. Events and encounters later, they start developing feelings for each other.

His sister, Princess Margrethe is a bit sceptical about keeping anyone close due to the family’s prestige and reputation. They believe their ex-friend, Tess, used them for her social media popularity.

There is a big secret because of which Lena’s family- her mother, father and a little brother Theodor moved to Oslo. Several images, snippets of a wild past are shown in Lena’s perspective, something she’s trying to hid from her new life.

The ‘Inner Circle’

Kalle invites her to his house, aka palace, assuming everyone would be gone. That’s not the case and she has lunch with the King himself, who is very welcoming. Margrethe questions Kalle for his actions.

Soon Lena gets included in the inner circle of friends when Kalle invites her to his friend’s Cabin trip. At a gas station in Horton, their prior city, she sees someone she’s hurt in the past. She goes after her friend, Guro, to apologize but Guro turns violent and rubs dirt all over Lena. Margrethe witnesses this and gives Lena help.

At the Cabin, Kalle and her get a separate room. Every time Lena tries being intimate, he stops her. It’s revealed that contrary to all the gossip, he’s a virgin. Lena tells him that she doesn’t care about that, only about him. They’re then interrupted for brunch.

Lena’s past and fears in her present

As they walk towards the group, Lena sees Guro interacting with Margrethe. She goes back to the cabin citing some reason, starts packing to leave unnoticed. But Guro confronts her. What happened was that Guro shut off from Lena and Kristian, her friends, which led to them getting close.

However, when Guro came back, Kristian chose her. In a spite, Lena posted a video of Guro cheating which went viral, getting back with Kristian again.

Back in Oslo, Lena invites Kalle to a garden tomorrow, telling him that she loves him and promising to explain everything. However, it’s Margrethe that shows up, spilling Lena’s secrets to her. How she used internet against her friend. What’s more, she knows that Theodor isn’t his brother but her son she had with Kristian. She asks her to stay away from her family.

What happens next?

Lena gives Kalle a cold shoulder and breaks up with him. She breaks down in front of her mother, telling her she can’t live a normal life with all these secrets. Her mother faints sometime later and a hospital visit tells it was because of a blocked artery.

At the hospital, Lena posts a video telling everyone that Theodor is her son and she’s proud to be his mother, something she won’t feel embarrassed about anymore. Her friends and people put out supportive messages for her.

Prom night and the ending

Tess, now a close friend, drags Lena to prom in a beautiful white ball gown where everyone welcomes her. Margrethe excluded. Soon, Kalle goes up on stage and starts singing the song which Lena told him about and comes to kiss her. As the party goes on, the camera is focussed on Margrethe who faints in the last shot.

One secret is revealed, but the one which might pose great trouble for the royal family, internet gossip, isn’t. Will Lena reveal it, Margrethe or will it reveal itself? There’s no clue as to why Margrethe fainted; could be because of the stress about reputation.

The set-up calls for a sequel as we’re left wondering how the royals, especially Kalle, would react to it, their relationship and future.