What is Ryan Garcia’s ethnicity? His Hispanic roots detailed

Ryan Garcia

Ryan Garcia lost his fight against Gervonta Davis via a knockout. “I couldn’t breathe,” Garcia discussed the punch to the ribs that decided the battle in Gervonta’s favor. “I don’t want to make no excuses in here. I just couldn’t recover and that’s it. He caught me with a good body shot.”

Ryan was born in Los Angeles decades after his ancestors emigrated from Mexico

Ryan Garcia

Ryan Garcia was born on 8th August 1998 to Lisa and Henry Garcia. The boxer is Mexican-American. His ancestors hail from Mexico. 

Henry Garcia’s parents lived in Nuevo Leon, Mexico, before migrating to the United States in the mid-20th century. Ryan’s father was born in Chicago. 

Lisa’s family lived in New Mexico when it was part of Mexico. Following the Mexican-American War, Lisa’s family remained in New Mexico, now a part of the United States. Regardless, they upheld their Mexican culture and traditions. 

“We didn’t cross the border, the border crossed us,” Lisa said in an interview on the YouTube channel No Puedes Jugar Boxeo. “We always say in New Mexico that it was Mexico. My family was there when it was Mexico, when there were Apaches and people from Spain.”

During Ryan’s early boxing days, he would fight in Mexico to escape age limits imposed by U.S. laws. Ryan pays homage to his Mexican and American ethnicities by wearing outfits mimicking the countries’ flags. 

During one of the pressers leading up to his fight against Gervonta, Ryan’s opponent mocked Ryan’s Mexican roots, claiming the L.A.-born boxer is a fake Mexican. Gervonta said:

“Support me, I’m going to fight for you. I love my Mexican fans. Ryan, how can he consider himself Mexican if he doesn’t speak any Spanish? He’s not Mexican, really. He’s from Los Angeles.”

Ryan’s Mexican fans came out in full force to support the boxer as he fought Gervonta. They chanted throughout the fight, trying to motivate Ryan to victory. “That touched my heart,” Ryan said after the match.