Who are Ryker Webb’s parents? The accusations against them

Ryker Webb

After two days in the Montana wilderness, three-year-old Ryker Webb looked like he’d encountered extraterrestrial beings. After getting lost, Ryker had the presence of mind to shelter in a cabin, shielding him from the chilling cold and protecting him from bears and mountain lions prowling the woods. 

Lincoln County Sheriff Darren Short said: “He was out there all by himself hearing the rain and the wind, and not sure how he was going to be able to get home. I truly believe that he took cover in that shed from Friday evening until he was found on Sunday.”

Webb’s parents faced accusations of failing to take care of their child

Sheriff Short told Today that though Ryker was cold, hungry, and thirsty, the boy’s demeanor changed when he reunited with his parents: “He was very, very scared. He had a wide-eyed scared look until he got back to his mom and dad.”

Webb reportedly got lost while playing with the family dog under his father’s watch. The circumstances of Webb’s disappearance seemed unusual as his parent’s waited for two hours before reporting him missing. 

Sheriff Short didn’t indicate that the police suspected foul play but stated they would continue investigating the disappearance. Short said: “We’re still looking into why he disappeared, and why he wasn’t being watched closely.” Netizens accused the parents, who haven’t been named, of failing to take care of their child.