What is Sebastian Fundora’s ethnicity? The boxer’s Caribbean origins

Sebastian Fundora

Sebastian Fundora’s first professional defeat was unexpected, to say the least. He was the clear favorite in his April 2023 fight against Brian Mendoza – and for the first six rounds, the bout proceeded as expected: Sebastian dominated. However, in the seventh round, Mendoza flipped the script, unleashing a barrage of punches that sent Sebastian tumbling onto the canvas. 

Sebastian Fundora is half-Cuban; the other half of his ethnicity is a mystery

Sebastian Fundora’s father, Freddy, was born in Cuba. He was five years old when his family moved to California. Freddy’s family moved around the United States, eventually settling in West Palm Beach, Florida.

Freddy married and had four kids, including Sebastian. The marriage broke down, culminating in a divorce granting Freddy full custody of the children. Therefore, Sebastian’s birth mother’s identity and ethnicity are a mystery. 

Consequently, one half of Sebastian’s ethnicity is unclear. Sebastian is sometimes mislabeled as Mexican as his stepmother, Monique, is Mexican. Freddy and Monique have two children who are half-Mexican and half-Cuban.

Sebastian and his siblings have one common thing in their DNA: their love for boxing. Freddy was an amateur and pro boxer; Monique dabbled in boxing after marrying Freddy. It was almost inevitable that their offspring would catch the boxing bug. 

The Fundoras spend most of their time together in Coachella Valley, California. Sebastian talked to ESPN about the family’s tight bond:

“I thought that was really weird because you see TV shows, and they are fake, but you see ‘Full House’ and that’s how it’s supposed to be. That’s how I was raised. That’s how we were all raised because we’re family. That’s the only people that can really understand you and that you can trust.”