Senior Year parents’ guide: Things to watch out in a witty comedy

Senior Year

Senior Year premiered on Netflix last week and features Rebel Wilson as a high school cheerleader who wakes up from a coma after 20 years. The film narrates her efforts to be crowned as prom queen at 37. With many twists and turns, the film delivers a noteworthy performance altogether, but parents need to keep an eye on their kids during this film.

Parental Rating 

The film is rated R for sexual material, language, and brief teen drinking/drug use. An ‘R rating’ stands for mature content and suggestive material. Therefore, parental guidance is necessary for people aged under 17. Streaming platform Netflix rates this film suitable for people aged over 15.

Things parents should watch out for in this film:

Mature topics and suggestive content

The film revolves around Stephanie, a girl trapped in a woman’s body. To make this point clear to the viewer, the creators have used many sexual innuendos. At one point, the audience can see Steph rubbing her finger in her crotch area as a part of a dance move. She also rubs her nipples in another isolated scene. 

The film also features an erotic dance routine featuring cheerleaders who proceed to run their fingers through their crotch at the end. In another isolated scene at the beginning of the film, an underage girl takes two bowling balls and puts them in front of her chest. 

Although the film doesn’t include any nudity, a ‘man spreading’ scene is shown where a boy wearing a kilt spreads his legs. Although the film itself has blurred out the scene, it suggests the boy is not wearing any pants. 

Stephanie also makes multiple sexual innuendos and later kisses her high school sweetheart. 

Alcohol, drugs, and smoking

Steph holds a party after prom and invites all her friends where underage drinking and drug use can be seen. In another instance, Steph gets a jar of marijuana as a gift and gives it to another student. However, no direct smoking scenes are shown.

Abusive language 

Given this film is about a high school student, there are many scenes where abusive language is spoken. The f-bomb is dropped 19 times and the middle finger is also displayed on multiple occasions. Abusive words including slut, ass, bitches, skank, bitch, dick, hoe bags, horny, and pussy are also used.

During the whole movie, Steph also uses the phrase ‘What the slut?’, making this her go-to phrase when swearing. The phrase ‘Suck my vulva’ is also used at times by Steph and Janice.

Senior Year delivers to be a wacky comedy self-centred around the performance of Rebel Wilson as Stephanie. Parents are advised to watch this film with teens and children as it contains mature topics and suggestive content.