Setting up Configuring Proxies On an iPhone

Proxies are some layers of protection for an iPhone so that it does not become prone to cyber threats. Every time a person visits a site with proxies, the host makes out whether or not he can move forward as well as access the website. Proxies do the job of screening the site a person wants to visit for viruses and potential malware. When people configure proxy servers for a specific WiFi network, their iPads or iPhones use them to access that network. People use proxies on their iPhones for multiple reasons. They can prefer to go online and access geographically constrained sites using a proxy. Again, they also establish filters for stopping access to unsuitable content.

The proper method

Everyone can set up proxy servers on their Apple devices, and it is a pretty straightforward process. All they need to do is follow some steps mentioned below:

  • Open their iPhones and visit Settings. After this, they should move to WiFi.
  • After they choose a WiFi network for setting up their proxy servers, they should tap the icon of information close to it.
  • Then, they should scroll down and choose “Configure Proxy” given under HTTP proxy.
  • In the fourth step, they should select Automatic, and when they see the URL, they should type in the proxy auto-configuration script’s address before they tap on Save. 
  • When people fulfill the above requirements, they prepare their Apple devices to utilize the auto-configuration script of the proxy. This way, they can enable the proxy.

The need for a proxy

Most people wonder, “What is proxy on iPhone?” Proxies do the job of adding a layer of security to a device. Additionally, it assists in protecting a person’s online privacy as it masks his IP address. This way, third parties fail to track him online. Additionally, they can’t even access data connected to their browsing activities. 

Some benefits you can reap by using a proxy are:

  • When you wish to access a blocked or restricted website in some nations because of some regulations or censorship, you will benefit a lot by using a proxy. When you don’t disclose your actual IP address, you can avert all these restrictions. Moreover, you can access any site in the absence of any interference from local authorities.
  • If you use a proxy, you can get linked to a server of a different nation, and in the process, you can bypass some geolocation-based content and enjoy some streaming services, such as Netflix, in the absence of interruptions.


If you want to shield your online privacy, you should think of establishing a proxy on your iPhone. It will help keep your data safe besides giving you the liberty to access even the blocked content in some places. When you set out to select the ideal proxies for your phone, you should ensure that it provides optimal privacy and security. This way, you will not have to be bothered about any suspicious 3rd parties accessing your data. Utilizing a proxy server seems to be a superb way to remain secure and safe when you browse the internet using your iPhone.