What is Sheree Murphy doing now? She is a radio and television host

Sheree Murphy

Sheree Murphy was once one of Britain’s most celebrated soap stars. Murphy strolled onto the set of Emmerdale as Tricia Dingle and established herself as a fan favorite and a favorite of the patrons of the bar in which she worked. Dingle’s death in December 2003 ended Sheree’s participation in the production. 

After coming second to Carol Thatcher in I’m a Celebrity, Murphy took a break from television. She returned in 2010 as Eva Strong in Hollyoaks. In 2014, she landed a recurring role in the Australian series Neighbors. Sheree has yet to appear in another production since then. Let’s find out what Sheree Murphy is up to now. 

Sheree is a radio host for Hits Radio UK and television host of Yes Chef!

Sheree is a presenter for Hits Radio UK. She appears every Sunday from nine to midday. 

Based on a recent Instagram video posted by Sheree, she enjoys herself a lot on the show. The video portrayed Murphy falling from her chair on a couple of occasions. 

“I swear there must be something wrong with my chair cause this never happens to @wesbutters!!” Sheree wrote. 

Sheree is also an avid cook who shares her best recipes on Instagram. 

Murphy is also the host of BBC’s cook show Yes Chef! The show hasn’t aired since 2017, but BBC hasn’t officially canceled it. 

Murphy left Emmerdale for family but didn’t expect her character to die

Sheree Murphy
Tricia Dingle in Emmerdale – ITV

Murphy left Emmerdale because she wanted to spend more time with her family. She wanted to take a break from the show, but to her surprise, the showrunners killed off her character. 

“I decided to leave, but it was under circumstances where my dad had just died, I’d just had a baby, so I had two little ones under the age of two,” Sheree told Soap From the Box.

The changes in Murphy’s life put her in the wrong headspace. She probably didn’t communicate her intentions properly as all she wanted was a break. “What I really should have said was that I just wanted to spend a bit of time out,” Murphy said. 

Sheree feels that she should have fought the decision to kill her character. “I think maybe I should have fought and said: ‘No, I will come back, I just need some time out,’” Murphy lamented. 

Nevertheless, Murphy enjoyed her final scene, describing it as ‘dramatic’ and ‘exciting.’ “Honestly, it was amazing and exciting, but quite a sad time as well,” she said. 

Sheree regrets her departure from Emmerdale but appreciates that it led to other opportunities. “But then I look at all the things I’ve done since I’ve left Emmerdale and things happen for a reason, don’t they?” Murphy opined.