Explained, the ending of Snowpiercer Season 3

Snowpiercer Season 3

Recently, Snowpiercer finished its Season 3 and it has left the sci-fi enthusiasts wanting for more. The series is set around 7 years after Earth became a frozen wasteland with temperatures falling under -120 degrees, the mankind saved is surviving on a perceptually moving gigantic luxury train. Designed by Mr. Wilford, it is 1001 cars long and it circles the Earth around 2.7 times each year.

Here’s a heads up for you because this article comes with spoilers!

Snowpiercer Season 1 and 2: Catch Up

Season 1 and 2 gave the viewers a run down on what events lead to humanity being trapped on a moving train and all the politics that came to play with the class discrimination aboard. It also showed us that Head Engineer Melanie finds evidence that the frozen Earth might just be warming up again and there might be a hope for survival off the train.

Is there really a hope for the future in Season 3?

Season 2 ended with Layton, Ben, Josie and Alex aboard the now seperated Big Alice (supply train) to configure the data by Melanie. It is revealed that the Earth is, in fact, warming but not much to sustain life outside the train. The last of the weather data from the Horn of Africa promises the most livable results.

During their exploration, Layton also saves a survivor from a nuclear plant, Asha. At the same time, he starts having flashes of greenery, vast fields, sunshine and the dragon blood tree, which is found only in the Horn of Africa.

The New Eden

Layton names the place New Eden and has Asha lying that he found her in that place to convince others to vote in favour of going there. But his promise is set upon a lie that his enemies threaten to expose. In a fight to the death against his old tailie mate Pike, where he is killed by Layton, Layton loses consciousness and is transported into a new dimension within his mind.

In his vision, Layton discovered that what he was believing to be signs from the universe- the tree, the greenery- all those were unconsciously made up by him from a fleeting look at Asha’s calendar in her bunker. His faith is shaken and he wonders if he is really right.

A new signal from Melanie and more troubles?

Meanwhile, Wilford reveals to Alex that her mom, Melanie, might still be out there from a strange signal he picked up in France. Upon hearing this, they deroute their trip to the Horn of Africa for an off chance of finding her.

And they do, whilst in the effect of stimulants. When Melanie learns about Layton’s plans, she is skeptical at first. That particular route is the roughest to navigate and there isn’t even concrete evidence for survival. So, she calls out his lie in public which results in mistrust by the passengers.

However, Layton and Melanie both come to a truce after tricking WIlford who was taking advantage of the situation. They propose that each passenger has a right to choose between going with Layton to the Horn of Africa or staying back to live on the deteriorating Snowpiercer. After an emotional farewell on both ends, the two trains separate.

What does the end say?

In the end, we witness the harsh route Big Alice took to reach the Horn of Africa. Slightly dismantled because of strong thunderstorms and a narrow bridge, they eventually reach the scene. It is revealed that the place indeed is hospitable as temperatures start increasing from the lowest points.

All of them get off the train after Layton and see a clear pond and breeze and ground without snow and ice. It is a breathtaking scene indeed as they are rewarded for their leap of faith. On the alternate side, three months after disconnecting with Big Alice, Melanie sees firework flares fired up in the distance.

In the next season which is renewed already, we might be able to see Layton and his crew settling in their New Eden. And, there is a possibility of finding new survivors from what Melanie saw.